matthew tidball

00006b2f | ? 1974-11-19T05:25:00Z ?

Jean and Paul with Matthew

Pa’s cigarette must have been airbrushed out.

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Matthew on Paul on the sofa

00003a5d.jpg | ? 1975-04-01T00:00:00Z ? | photo

Matthew plays the piano

on paul’s lap

00003a5e.jpg | ? 1975-05-01T00:00:00Z ? | photo

Matthew and the mushroom

on some trig point

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Turning Point plays ‘Mirror; Mirror Mirror’

The programme is ‘Jazz in Britain’, broadcast on BBC Radio Three on 20 November 1978 at about 23:15Z and recorded by Trevor Tidball, in order to hear his son Dave play saxophone.

I fell in love with this track while staying with Brenda and Trevor before Dave’s visit with his wife and daughter in 1999. I thought it dead funky, like something to which Dirty Harry might chase a hood through San Francisco.

Trevor subsequently mentioned how much he enjoyed listening to Dave’s playing at this early, raw stage. He also mentioned that the drummer, Paul Robinson, had come straight from a rock band, hence the tremendous drive behind this track.

Circa 1999, The Spice Girls were prominent in the hit parade. This singer, Pepi Lemer, had been their vocal coach.

Around that time, I effected a dodgy transfer from tape player to computer and saved the track as a RealMedia file.

After investing in a decent tape deck a few years later, I performed a better transfer of the whole side, from which this track is taken.

The signal dips at 02:44, presumably where Trevor grabs the microphone for some reason. (Thank you for mentioning this, Roland. It had become so familiar that I had stopped noticing it.)

While a strong right channel is evident in other areas of this tape (and is conspiciously different from the left channel), here and elsewhere it is weak, hissy and apparently identical to the left channel (except in amplitude and noise); it has been discarded.

The other weak, hissy area of the tape seems to be a recording of Trevor playing at the Coed-y-Mwstwr. One surmises that he used the same equipment for this recording as for that.

While Radio Three did broadcast in stereo in 1978, it could be that either Trevor’s radio receiver or his recorder or his microphone were only mono.

0000aa6e.opus | ? 1978-11-20T23:15:00Z ? | music performance, people dave | audio | alt

Jo and Jean above Blaencwm Lodge

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000075af | ? 1980-07-01T01:00:00Z ?

Matthew and Jessica in the pool in the back garden at Everest Walk

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Matthew (reading a newspaper) and Jessica (being stupid) on the beach

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000070e8 | ? 1981-07-01T01:00:00Z ?

rhydypenau infants school; sports day; putting my enormous cranium to good use; don’t know the year; i think i won that beanbag race on at least one other occasion; no gold medal; instead, a mojo out of an ice cream container; on the left of the picture are adrian judd (disqualified, having dropped his beanbag) and david walters; jessica too won this race on at least one occasion

0000a6ee.jpg | 1981-07-01T14:00:00Z | photo


000070e9 | ? 1982-07-01T01:00:00Z ?

holding jessica’s hand on the rocks at southerndown; year unknown

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000099dc | ? 1982-08-01T23:59:58Z ?

Jean reads a story about some chairs

Spooky that Jessica comments on Paul’s return home just as Jean reads “it’s good to be home again”

000080ca.opus | ? 1984-01-01T19:00:00Z ? | audio | alt


000070ec | ? 1984-03-01T01:00:00Z ?

Tracy Camilleri, Jessica and Charlotte Felman on Saint David’s Day

at the entrance to rhydypenau infants school; year unknown; the hitler moustaches were added in crude crayon some years later, by jessica’s darling brother matthew

00009ea9.jpg | ? 1984-03-01T01:00:02Z ? | photo


00007851 | ? 1984-09-01T00:59:58Z ?

Charlotte, Matthew, Jessica and Sacha in the sitting room

charlotte brandishes a club; jessica an elephant; i don’t know the year, but sacha was plainly a monkton house boy here; i think his first term was 1984-09

0000784f.jpg | ? 1984-09-01T01:00:00Z ? | photo


i have always had a tough time sitting through concerts whose music i have not known; in these early years, at saint david’s hall, cardiff, i remember finding beethoven symphonies quite hard going; on one occasion in particular; i don’t remember which year;

i was in the raised seating at the conductor’s 2 o’clock, with at least mum; i was sitting obediently through the same old oom-pah oom-pah, when i had an attack of growing pains; i think they were in my knee; not wanting to spoil the occasion for other people, i cried in silence;

after the concert, some old fart congratulated me for having kept my shit together; huh; some money would have been nice

00007af6 | ? 1986-05-01T01:00:00Z ?
still photograph, audio clip