matthew tidball

00006b2f | ? 1974-11-19T05:25:00Z ?

Jean and Paul with Matthew

Pa’s cigarette must have been airbrushed out.

00003a5c.jpg | ? 1974-12-25T00:00:00Z ? | photo

Matthew on Paul on the sofa

00003a5d.jpg | ? 1975-04-01T00:00:00Z ? | photo

Matthew plays the piano

on paul’s lap

00003a5e.jpg | ? 1975-05-01T00:00:00Z ? | photo

Matthew and the mushroom

on some trig point

00006085.jpg | ? 1978-01-01T00:00:00Z ? | photo

Jo and Jean above Blaencwm Lodge

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000075af | ? 1980-07-01T01:00:00Z ?

Matthew and Jessica in the pool in the back garden at Everest Walk

000075ad.jpg | ? 1980-07-01T01:00:02Z ? | photo

Matthew (reading a newspaper) and Jessica (being stupid) on the beach

00009ea8.jpg | ? 1980-07-01T02:00:00Z ? | photo


000070e8 | ? 1981-07-01T01:00:00Z ?

rhydypenau infants school; sports day; putting my enormous cranium to good use; don’t know the year; i think i won that beanbag race on at least one other occasion; no gold medal; instead, a mojo out of an ice cream container; on the left of the picture are adrian judd (disqualified, having dropped his beanbag) and david walters; jessica too won this race on at least one occasion

0000a6ee.jpg | 1981-07-01T14:00:00Z | photo


000070e9 | ? 1982-07-01T01:00:00Z ?

holding jessica’s hand on the rocks at southerndown; year unknown

0000a6ef.jpg | 1982-07-01T16:00:00Z | photo


000099dc | ? 1982-08-01T23:59:58Z ?

Jean reads a story about some chairs

Spooky that Jessica comments on Paul’s return home just as Jean reads “it’s good to be home again”

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000070ec | ? 1984-03-01T01:00:00Z ?

Tracy Camilleri, Jessica and Charlotte Felman on Saint David’s Day

at the entrance to rhydypenau infants school; year unknown; the hitler moustaches were added in crude crayon some years later, by jessica’s darling brother matthew

00009ea9.jpg | ? 1984-03-01T01:00:02Z ? | photo


00007851 | ? 1984-09-01T00:59:58Z ?

Charlotte, Matthew, Jessica and Sacha in the sitting room

charlotte brandishes a club; jessica an elephant; i don’t know the year, but sacha was plainly a monkton house boy here; i think his first term was 1984-09

0000784f.jpg | ? 1984-09-01T01:00:00Z ? | photo


i have always had a tough time sitting through concerts whose music i have not known; in these early years, at saint david’s hall, cardiff, i remember finding beethoven symphonies quite hard going; on one occasion in particular; i don’t remember which year;

i was in the raised seating at the conductor’s 2 o’clock, with at least mum; i was sitting obediently through the same old oom-pah oom-pah, when i had an attack of growing pains; i think they were in my knee; not wanting to spoil the occasion for other people, i cried in silence;

after the concert, some old fart congratulated me for having kept my shit together; huh; some money would have been nice

00007af6 | ? 1986-05-01T01:00:00Z ?
still photograph, audio clip