radio tx frequency (mhz)

frequency (mhz)

000042b7 | ? 1990-09-01T00:00:00Z ?

radio tx mode


000042b8 | ? 1990-09-01T00:00:00Z ?

radio tx rig


000042bc | ? 1990-09-01T00:00:00Z ?

radio tx antenna


000042db | ? 1990-09-01T00:00:00Z ?


this was the start of my second year in the signals section; i became second in charge; having a key to the hut led to my trying out the 320, which was the standard issue hf transceiver; i took it up twyn-y-gaer, while checkpointing for the apc (advanced practical course); as i attempted to lay out the counterpoise (perhaps plugged in to the antenna socket), prodip pressed the tit on high power; the exposed end of one of the wires gave me a tiny burn on the tip of my finger; i’ve since considered that experience parallel to peter parker’s spider bite;

at some later stage, prodip and i also engaged the local cb community from the signals hut; he had used cb radio back in bridgend, i suppose; he knew the lingo; i laughed like mad; since the 320 had no fm mode, we stuck out like a sore thumb; “your audio’s very quiet!”;

being the bearer of the key to the signals hut had some drawbacks; smokers would stop in when it rained outside; steve nicholls and alaric james were frequent visitors; and then horny people would ask to borrow the key so that they could get fleshy with someone at night;

for my remaining time in the signals section, most of my effort went into our national radio network station; however, there were some notable internal events;

one thursday afternoon (for that was our regular ccf time), we went out in two land rovers; i think they were fitted with 321s; in heavy rain, we went up onto the sennybridge training area; the other team went in a merthyr direction; and then we chatted a bit, via whip antennas;

another time, john shooter drove us off-road on mynydd illtud in the school land rover, with my arm holding a 349 out of the passenger window, getting bashed against the frame with all the bouncing around;

in the same vehicle (possibly with the same driver), we took some 351s to the same location on another day; this time, the transceiver was harnessed to the roof rack; once stationary (and bored of the exercise), i got out of the passenger seat to scan for new traffic; we had been using a group of frequencies in the 30-40 mhz range; not far from one of them i heard a distant taxi service; it sounded transatlantic; eventually i heard the word ‘baltimore’ and i had a new sense of how cool radio could be; even vhf;

perhaps it was in this year that siôn harrison introduced me to his brother duncan, who would then have been in the second form; i don’t remember where that occurred, but i clearly remember that it did; it would have made more sense for such an introduction to be made when duncan was new to the school, one year before, but i have a sense that siôn was a more senior figure at the time, so i’ll stick to this year;

however, if the summer term choir trip to the west midlands safari park turned out to have taken place in 1990, then i would alter my conclusiôn, because i remember playing the arcade games (such as ‘star wars’) with him; or was that at alton towers? no, i think i’m right;

anyway, it was in this school year that duncan joined me in some of my radio doings, including the field competition at the end of the summer term

0000611f | ? 1990-09-01T00:00:00Z ? | radio

radio rx antenna


00006125 | ? 1990-09-01T00:00:00Z ?


00006534 | ? 1990-09-01T00:00:00Z ?

radio rx antenna type


00006121 | ? 1990-09-01T00:00:02Z ?

radio rx rig


00006126 | ? 1990-09-01T00:00:02Z ?

radio tx callsign


00006127 | ? 1990-09-01T00:00:02Z ?

radio tx power (w)


00006128 | ? 1990-09-01T00:00:02Z ?

radio morse key


000082b4 | ? 1990-09-01T00:00:02Z ?

radio rx rig name


0000a8c2 | 1990-09-01T00:00:03Z


i guess i made these recordings on richard orledge’s stereo, on the top floor of our house (about a hundred metres away), which is why i was absent, except for the last clip (and hywel says they’re bored in the first clip);

i had used gavin gilchrist’s stereo in the past too, so perhaps that’s what i used; if only i could remember the peeps i shared that study with; prodip, i think; joe? and a few others; but i can’t be sure which;

i might not think much of my school experience as a whole (after all, there were classes and things), but these were high times; the place was a playground for my wirey games, and there was magic in the air, as i discovered radio among the mountains; i would soon contact overseas stations from the signals hut, participate in my first nrn competition and, in the following term, sit in the snow at the bottom of the norther of two masts, contacting brazil on a dipole, orientated north-south;

‘signals’ ended up becoming a legitimate ‘activity’, one or more of which a person would be expected to sign up for, at the beginning of a school year (or however often); i don’t remember on which days it was officially supposed to take place; and i don’t think it had many takers during my tenure; but i dare say i was there for each session :)

00006115 | ? 1990-09-01T00:59:58Z ? | radio


my birthday; some days before, i had made a foreign contact or two on the radio; i’m not sure exactly when it was, but i seem to recall writing the 11th down in a notebook; i think lee francis had been there; and one other person, at least; the 11th appears to have been a sunday; i can imagine that; but do i remember it?

some days later, i was handed a letter from the senior monitor of the acf/ccf national radio network (nrn), which informed us that we had been readmitted to the net; the letter had been typed on this day; i don’t think i participated on the net before exercise christmas cracker

00006120 | ? 1990-11-19T00:00:00Z ? | radio

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006129 | ? 1990-12-05T12:19:00Z ?

radio rx mode


0000612a | ? 1990-12-05T12:19:02Z ?

[de ?]

00008381 | ? 1990-12-05T12:19:04Z ? | radio rx message

Computer Blips recorded

0000612c | ? 1990-12-05T12:19:06Z ? | radio comment


000070f8 | ? 1990-12-08T00:00:00Z ?


on this weekend, i participated in my first exercise christmas cracker, from a room in the music school (rather than a tent at the bottom of the school fields, which is the way i would have had things); room 4, 5 or 6, i think; i remember the table in the far left corner (from the door), but the rest of the room is a blur, or else i might have a better chance of identifying it; i had piano lessons in 6, so that was probably too precious a place for cadets; and a long time previous i’d had lessons in 5 as well; perhaps 4 then, which had a tatty old piano, i think;

in any case, we used a single dipole, strung between the corner of the mem hall roof and the tree, i guess; i think the coaxial cable must have been under some strain, during its journey through the window, which we must have closed on it, in order to keep warm; not knowing the finer points of battery charging, i left the charger connected to the battery for the whole exercise;

i had stayed in school past the end of term to do all this, which meant tailor-made meals in the school kitchens (i remember ham and parsley sauce) (and an omelette?);

my fellows were returned to school on day one of the exercise; cp evans and lee francis; by the way, each of these boys went by his second name; ‘christopher paul’ and ‘dorian lee owen’; i remember cp being delivered by his dad in his black saab; i think he had chosen a more manly option than signalling in the previous year, so i suppose he wasn’t qualified to be there; perhaps i just liked him; and one of the first-year signallers, gavin bhakta, came down from town, bearing many a chocolate snack from his mother; thanks, gav’s mum; jason davies had also hung around after the end of term, and invited himself into our midst for the overnight experience; and i think aled thomas was there at some stage too;

when we weren’t exchanging bizarre pseudo-military messages about santa, trenches and regimental goats, we were getting some sleep (there wasn’t much radio traffic during the night) or having snowball fights; i remember hurling snowballs down from the roof; when it was all over, the weather was too bad for my usual extraction to the east; i was brought down to cardiff instead, whence i took a train back to wolverhampton; all the way home, i heard radio voices in the noise of the engine...

0000611e | ? 1990-12-08T00:00:02Z ? | radio

log sheet; gavin bhakta

0000685f.jpg | ? 1990-12-09T11:24:00Z ? | radio | photo

radio rx frequency (mhz)


0000756c | ? 1990-12-09T15:01:58Z ?

[a97 de f52]

00008383 | ? 1990-12-09T15:02:01Z ? | radio rx message

52 (reading school ccf) qsl card; 52 remained the dominant station while i was at school, featuring a few nice people; neil flint, then a steve and another neil (hanson), followed by a chris; this original operator number one, ot davies, was an owain, i think; over the years, i did most talking with neil and neil;

52 were backed by one of their teachers, tom walter, a keen radio amateur; they enjoyed use of a 100 foot mast (in the summer field competition), until it was sold in favour of a transceiver; perhaps the mast at their base location was standard issue, but was mounted on a low roof, giving their efficient centre-fed doublet about twice the height of our dipole

000061d9.jpg | ? 1990-12-09T15:02:02Z ? | radio | photo


000070f9 | ? 1990-12-09T23:59:58Z ?

[a97 de ?]

00008384 | ? 1991-01-01T00:30:00Z ? | radio rx message


000070fa | ? 1991-01-01T00:59:58Z ?

at my desk, in the study room in donaldson’s house i shared with ben young for a term; out of shot (to the right) was my bed; on the other side of that wall was the dormitory of third form boys i was suppose to supervise; on the other side of the room (where my locker is) was a washroom of about five basins on the left (and one at the end) and hooks (for towels and such) on the right; there i suppose i was inclined to use the basin at the end; dafydd biffen once advised me there that a pea-sized amount of toothpaste was sufficient;

i seem to recall jason davies urinating into a basin; perhaps it was one of the other basins in that room; or perhaps i followed his example from another place and urinated there myself;

back in my study, i reached scandinavia (and wherever else), on some high frequency band (15 metres, i think), using the 320 and a short vertical wire attached to the study kitchens fire escape

0000a6e0.jpg | 1991-01-01T02:00:00Z | photo

radio rx frequency (mhz)


0000756d | ? 1991-01-31T15:19:58Z ?

[a97 de ?]

00008386 | ? 1991-01-31T15:20:02Z ? | radio rx message

qsl card; i think this contact had been rigged by our departed ssi, alan lewis (‘fuck’), who was now attached to sedbergh school; we erected a special antenna, down by the all-weather hockey pitch; whether it was just one mast, used as a vertical radiator, or a dipole slung between that and another mast, i can’t be sure (i certainly used each at some stage that winter); the ‘bastards’ comment refers to their lack of attendance at our next scheduled contact; their callsign does not appear on this card, but i think it might have been 37a or something like that; we only spoke this once, so the name graeme sutherland doesn’t mean much to me;

i operated a lot from that location, sometimes with darren roberts, sometimes in the snow, wearing many jumpers and some nasty, sweaty old waterproof trousers; we spoke to a guy called ignamara, who had a speech impediment; and, when we asked a station where he was and he said ‘brazil’, we stood up, turned to the school, and shouted obscenities in celebration; ‘fucking bollocks’ or something, i think; of course, at that stage of the solar cycle, you could fart into a bread bin and someone in brazil would hear it; but we thought it was great;

darren and i went on to call to a couple of scottish stations chatting on 10 mhz from the music school (room 6?) on a lazy sunday afternoon; i think we used the c-13 turf under the window outside, but i don’t know where the antenna wire went; ah; a whip? anyway, the scots must have spotted our accents or recognised me from the nrn, because they said we must be from a public school in wales; that shut us up;

and now it comes to me that christmas cracker 1990 wasn’t the last competition i did from the music school (or at least that area); perhaps i participated in my first exercise sore ears from a tent under the music school dipole; or perhaps i was in a room; or perhaps i just dreamed it; can’t imagine that i used a whip on the nrn, but who knows?

talking of a room, one of my most vivid mental images of another station’s location is that of callsign 6 of the national radio network; i think it was 6; in peterborough, anyway; i don’t remember what words he used to describe the building to me, but it came across as the first or second floor of a modernish classroom block, overlooking a field; i don’t recall the antenna; end-fed or dipole, i suppose; i was never into qsl cards, but now i wish i’d had one from him; that was a one-off contact, i think, perhaps during my second year on the nrn;

one more memory; darren and i took the 320 to the top of the roman road, on a sunny weekend afternoon; in a field to the left, in sight of that broken old turny wind thing, we listened to the world; don’t know what we called, or what antenna we used, but i guess a dipole or end-fed, using the trees; or the fibreglass mast, perhaps with the whip on top (the configuration we used for apc 1991); across the fence in the next field (back downhill), we found a dead sheep; we poked it with sticks, pulling aside its wool to reveal a green belly; we joked about that grossness for ages;

high times

000061dd.jpg | ? 1991-01-31T15:20:04Z ? | radio | photo


00006536 | ? 1991-03-01T00:00:00Z ?


000070fb | ? 1991-03-01T01:59:58Z ?


000070fc | ? 1991-03-31T01:08:54Z ?

Jessica has a mad moment and disappears into the bedroom

The strange accent is Jessica’s take on the way they spoke in ‘Neighbours’.

00006509.opus | ? 1991-03-31T01:08:56Z ? | radio | audio | alt

Jean says ‘Happy Easter’ and Jessica has another mad moment

Jean applying make-up at the kitchen table, I think. The strange accent is Jessica’s take on the way they spoke in ‘Neighbours’.

0000650a.opus | ? 1991-03-31T01:09:12Z ? | radio | audio | alt

I instigate the next mad moment, joined by Jessica

The tadpole being discussed on the telephone was Camille, who was born today. The strange accent is Jessica’s take on the way they spoke in ‘Neighbours’.

0000650b.opus | ? 1991-03-31T01:10:27Z ? | radio | audio | alt


000070fd | ? 1991-03-31T01:12:03Z ?

Paul imitates Edith Evans

In the bathroom at the cottage. Jessica and I laugh in the kitchen.

0000650c.opus | ? 1991-03-31T01:12:05Z ? | radio | audio | alt

mary, tristan, michael, jessica, sophie, me and paul;

if i could remember how many times the halls came to stay with us at the cottage, i’d have a better idea when this photo was taken; i know there was a later visit, without jessica; perhaps there were just two;

i remember walking to myddfai with sophie, before the oldies were awake; we called to be picked up from the public phone there; we would repeat that trick with tristan, on a subsequent occasion;

and i remember playing ‘ask me another’ with sophie (when she wasn’t tickling my head); i wrote the final score on the box of the tape from which my 1991 audio files are derived, so that we could resume the game another time (we didn’t); and she couldn’t say ‘bollocks’ (which was printed on my roger mellie t-shirt); she kept saying ‘bollokans’, which amused jessica and me enormously;

i think it was as the halls left at the end of a later visit that i remarked about sophie to pa ‘every home should have one’

0000a7e3.jpg | 1991-04-01T12:00:00Z | photo


00006537 | ? 1991-05-14T00:00:00Z ?

radio rx frequency (mhz)


0000632e | ? 1991-05-14T12:59:58Z ?

[a97 de 27a]

00008388 | ? 1991-05-14T13:00:02Z ? | radio rx message

i spoke with 27a (giggleswick school) a few times, at least once from the roof of the music school, in the sun, with boys in the swimming pool in front of me; the feedpoint of the dipole was at the corner of the mem hall (just adjacent); their operator number 2 (lizzie white) and i pretended to be in love, with their operator number 1 (mira robinson) overseeing proceedings;

the time on this qsl card is 1400 gmt; perhaps it is correct (perhaps this was our first contact), but our normal meeting time became 1400 local, i e 1300 gmt; tuesday was the usual day; perhaps there was a saturday or two

000061fa.jpg | ? 1991-05-14T13:00:04Z ? | radio | photo

[a97 de 52]

00008389 | ? 1991-05-14T21:59:58Z ? | radio rx message


i think jon vicary gave me the tape for this recording; thanks, jon

0000651a | ? 1991-05-21T13:59:58Z ? | radio

Mira Robinson at Giggleswick School says bye-bye

01 27a

00006518.opus | ? 1991-05-21T14:05:16Z ? | radio acf/ccf national radio network, radio | audio | alt


i think this had been the day of my first gcse of the summer (having done maths early); chemistry 1; multiple choice; probably a tuesday; i think it was near the end of may; possibly the week before, but i fancy this week; the exam meant that i was unable to keep my appointment with 27a; i asked neil at 52 to fill in for me, but he ended up having to go to their field competition site at a nearby training area

00008a04 | ? 1991-05-28T19:59:56Z ?

Neil Flint at Reading School

The time is probably 20:00Z (after prep). He claims to have a lot of reflected power, but he sounds great. I do a ‘mu-hu!’ while he’s sorting out his gear.

00006519.opus | ? 1991-05-28T20:00:00Z ? | radio acf/ccf national radio network, radio | audio | alt

Trip to the field competition site

“We’re going to win this one, I think; we’re going to definitely win it.” They did. Neil Flint at Reading School.

0000651b.opus | ? 1991-05-28T20:05:13Z ? | radio acf/ccf national radio network, radio | audio | alt

The guy who listens to data traffic

‘To be quite honest, I’d rather go to sleep.’ Neil Flint at Reading School.

0000651d.opus | ? 1991-05-28T20:08:34Z ? | radio acf/ccf national radio network, radio | audio | alt

Arranging my next contact with Neil Flint at Reading School

04 52

00006522.opus | ? 1991-05-28T21:00:43Z ? | radio acf/ccf national radio network, radio | audio | alt


00006538 | ? 1991-06-21T13:00:00Z ?

russell thomas and i set up camp on the day before my first exercise summer wine; the number of cables suggests numerous antennas; i have a pretty good memory of two dipoles, a low frequency one heading downhill from the adjacent mast, and a high frequency one between that mast and the oc’s northmost building; perhaps one of the other cables went to the tuning unit from the c13, which i might have used to tune the centre mast as a vertical antenna; russell cooked dinner; duncan harrison and gavin bhakta would arrive the next day; i wonder whether gavin brought quite as many supplies from his mother as he had for exercise christmas cracker; thanks, gav’s mum

0000a6e1.jpg | 1991-06-21T14:00:00Z | radio | photo

[a97 de 52]

0000838a | ? 1991-06-22T00:00:00Z ? | radio rx message

the exercise underway, we nibbled on biscuits to keep us going through the night; in the foreground is the scoresheet; the battery was not attached directly to the transceiver, because someone had long ago sat on the battery while connected, loosening the springs and causing the power to fail from time to time; are they biscuits brown on the right or garibaldis?

0000a6e2.jpg | 1991-06-22T20:00:00Z | radio | photo

in the early hours of sunday, i operated the radio alone; i soon fell asleep too, but kept operating, believing that our tent was somewhere quite different, on the side of a mountain, overlooking the school; i suspect the fumes from the paraffin lamp, which sat atop the transceiver; 52 admonished me for my sleepy conduct; i wish someone had recorded it; i’d love to hear what i sounded like

0000a6e3.jpg | 1991-06-23T03:30:00Z | radio | photo

this shows when i fell asleep and when the others woke up; looks like we lost about an hour

00006862.jpg | ? 1991-06-23T04:18:00Z ? | radio | photo

a tired duncan cooked yet more beans for himself, in our oc’s garage, before we headed home; next to him are two mostly-collapsed 27 foot masts; this garage was located in that northmost block (where were also stables), where we would have charged our radio batteries

0000a6e4.jpg | 1991-06-23T14:00:00Z | radio | photo


0000657f | ? 1991-07-01T00:00:00Z ?


89a says “you’ve only got to put up with me til saturday, when we break up”; perhaps this saturday would be 1991-06-29, but i fancy 1991-07-06

00006580 | ? 1991-07-01T00:00:02Z ? | radio

[a97 de a89a]

0000838d | ? 1991-07-01T00:59:59Z ? | radio rx message

[a97 de z30b]

0000838e | ? 1991-07-01T01:59:58Z ? | radio rx message

[a97 de 7b]

0000838f | ? 1991-07-01T02:00:47Z ? | radio rx message

[a97 de j8b]

00008390 | ? 1991-07-01T02:59:58Z ? | radio rx message

[a97 de z30b]

00008391 | ? 1991-07-01T04:03:46Z ? | radio rx message

[a97 de j8b]

00008392 | ? 1991-07-01T04:59:58Z ? | radio rx message

Three weeks before Summer Wine ’91, our competition team had four bobbins of braid antenna, a few miles of D10, 2 27ft masts and 50 metres of antique coax to play about with, but only one dipole connector available.

At this point in the Exercise, things looked pretty grim. We had some pretty good ideas at the time, but without the assurance that our Sunray’s back field was suitable for the Competition (we had no opportunity to drive out and look at it ourselves), there was little room for hope.

But the weekend of the competition came and by 1000 hrs on Saturday, we had three brand-new connectors and brand-new coax for each and had very nearly finished raising our dipoles - one cut for 6.915 MHz using the antique equipment, another cut for 4.030 MHz (both on the same span between mast no. 1 and horse-stable no. 1 - a total span of 58m) and the last one, a braid arrangement, unwound for 2.275 MHz to a length of 62.70(ish)m (susp. between mast no. 2 and hs no. 2).

At about 1030 hrs, I put a call out on 6.915 hoping that 52 would be around, but instead I found a Q30 (??) attempting to contact a Q40 in Ireland (??). I explained that he was on a Nat Net frequency and he backed off somewhat but insisted that he should contact his Irish friend before leaving the frequency. Q40 (??) did not put in an appearance and just when the alien station seemed to have gone for ever 52 split the silence asunder with a super-signal radio check. I answered it, but before a conversation could be struck up, Q30 opened his big mouth again. 52, having had great experience of dealing with Spanish stations on the net in times gone by, was quick to deal with the outlaw and Q30 was never heard from again.

With 52 conscious that his battery power was slowly dripping away, we closed down, having tested the previously faulty 2.275 MHz antenna and decided that we would start up again at 1359 to avoid the build-up of tension brought on by the last few minutes of radio silence and the danger of slack VP that goes with it.

My no. 2 and myself were the only crew in the field (at this point I should mention that mast no. 3 was used as a vertical radiator, placed immediately adjacent to the tent and tuned using another antique - a C13 TURF) and it was about time nos. 3 and 4 were there to give us a hand. We had seen our Sunray off to school at about 0800 with his guarantee that he would have the other half of our team delivered to us by 1215. At 1340 we were still waiting. They eventually pulled up at the edge of the field at about 1343 and were hastily bustled out of Sunray’s ’car’ and into the ’sleeping’ tent, where they were then told to shut up until it was their turn to operate.

At 1355, the scene was set. Nos. 1+2 were lying poised in the operations tent, fighting fit and ready for action. The ’spares’ were sufficiently out of the way in their own tent and were perfectly silent.

With a minute to go before the beginning of the most exhausting 24hrs of my life it was time to select our starting frequency. I switched to AW, changed mode to AM and then waited. My number two, as wound up as I was, decided to add further stress to the situation by counting down the last 20 seconds. I promised myself that I would execute him for doing so when the Exercise was over.

The final second of the countdown arrived and before the first of the new hour ticked by, my voice was hurtling through empty space. No voices hurtled back, so within the half-minute, I was a sub-station on HF.

And so, Summer Wine 1991 had begun, with 97 competing for the first time since 1988. It wasn’t the best of starts, but we were on the rails and were happy to be going along without any major tragedies to slow our progress.

Day 1 ticked by quite smoothly without great event. A member of the Canoeing section paid us a visit in the late afternoon and almost simultaneously, the other half of our team crawled out of their den and started a little party in the outer tent. This minor disruption did not affect operations but suddenly whatever organisation there had been was collapsing rapidly. Our guest did not stay for a great deal of time, and after his departure matters soon returned to normal, but without the loosely-constructed rota which I’d had in mind before the intrusion of the operations tent. From this point onwards, until the end of the Exercise, no-one cared for timings. I was to stay by the radio all night and all of the following day while the remainder of the squad were happy to come and go as they pleased.

My no. 2 and myself operated on into the later hours of the night with matters ticking over quite steadily. At about 2330, we were visited by a lamp-bearing Sunray and our youngest operator. For the next few hours, they shared the job of being my secondary operator while I tired over the growing mountain of log sheets. At about 0200, they were both asleep and I was all alone, battling on against fatigue and frustration at not being able to rouse one of them.

For my operations between 0200 and 0600 I was almost unconscious, totally unfit for radio operation but still building up my serial strength at a steady rate.

At one stage before my total collapse at 0600hrs I dreamt myself and the whole set-up to be in a completely different location. In a certain exchange with 74, I distinctly remember being on the side of a pine-covered hill miles away from Sunray’s back field (?!).

I woke at 0700 to the sight of nos. 2+3 trying to do their bit for the end-result. They had mustered up a little over three contacts (half of them unaccounted for in the log) and were finding the changeover of dipoles a bit of a problem (by the way, if anyone was aroused by the sound of a woman’s voice at about 0656 on Sunday, it was just my young op. no. 3, not a woman).

We fought through the remainder of the 24hrs, each of us exhausted and on the verge of vomiting without once going sane. We were knackered and down-hearted, but at least we were skiving Matins, a rarity which every CCB boy prays for every once in a while.

At 1400, instead of collapsing in a pathetic heap of fatigue, we took out our notebook and called out on each frequency for all stations who wished to disclose their true or consistent operating times (the times laid down in the directory are rarely of that nature).

With no luck on any frequency, I stepped out into the fresh air, which was cold and harsh compared to the mugginess of the in-tent atmosphere.

Having been lying on my left hand side for the entire 24 hours I was unable to walk straight but I soon regained the ’knack’ by inclining myself at fourty five degrees to the right of my chosen heading.

We would have been happiest to have gone straight back to school and straight to bed but we still had three masts, three dipoles and two tents to pack up and load onto Sunray’s ’car’.

Before leaving for school, we all regained our appetites and tucked into a number of packets of crisps and huge amounts of baked beans.

We nearly all slept through the journey back to school but were not willing to give ourselves up to deepest slumber until the job was completed. We still had to deposit the kit in the Hut.

With that last chore behind us, we parted and went our separate ways - separate, but with an identical target - bed.

Once we had found our targets, it was all over, Summer Wine ’91 had finally come to a close. It was our first Summer Competition, and a successful one, regardless of end-result. We had enjoyed it, we had helped the other competitors to enjoy it and we had survived the 24 hours without trauma. What more could one have asked for? A LITTLE SUNSHINE, PERHAPS??

For making my little story a possibility I should like to extend my heartiest thanks to Major Crockett for the use of his back field and watering facilities, to Bill Dowling and ’Uncle Derek’ for providing the post-Dark Age dipole kit (even if connector no. 13 was dodgy) to Mr Spoon for excusing us from Matins, to 52 for indulging in boring conversation so readily and so often and basically for being such a good sport throughout the year, to the other ’regulars’ who have also been good sports this year (i.e. 8B, 89A, 30B, etc.) and of course the Net Monitors, esp. 80C and 83 for the time they have given towards Exercise Summer Wine 1991.

i just read this (and reformatted it; there had been no spaces following punctuation) for the first time in years; contrary to the ‘lamp-bearing sunray’ bit, sunray did not operate at all; i wonder who the canoeist was; was it david morgan? i think it might have been; his parents owned a hotel down sennybridge way; and we were also visited by duncan’s dad, an army captain or something like that

00008f4c | ? 1991-07-23T00:00:00Z ?


00006539 | ? 1991-08-01T00:00:00Z ?


the date of these recordings is unclear, though i suppose i made them during our summer stay at the cottage, rather than our spring one

00006517 | ? 1991-08-01T00:30:00Z ? | radio

[a97 de ?]

00008393 | ? 1991-08-01T01:15:58Z ? | radio rx message

radio rx rig


0000650e | ? 1991-08-01T01:16:00Z ?

radio rx rig name

sharp stereo

0000a8c3 | 1991-08-01T01:16:01Z

radio rx mode


0000650f | ? 1991-08-01T01:16:30Z ?

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006510 | ? 1991-08-01T01:16:32Z ?

Two men arrange to meet in Llanllawddog

Council workers on the radio in the Llangadog area.

0000650d.opus | ? 1991-08-01T01:16:51Z ? | radio | audio | alt

Sean calls Bob to discuss loads

Council workers on the radio in the Llangadog area.

00006514.opus | ? 1991-08-01T01:20:13Z ? | radio | audio | alt

Bob calls Sean back

... confirming the status of his last request. Another two men speak Welsh. Council workers on the radio in the Llangadog area.

00006515.opus | ? 1991-08-01T01:23:36Z ? | radio | audio | alt

Two men discuss loads

Council workers on the radio in the Llangadog area.

00006516.opus | ? 1991-08-01T01:25:39Z ? | radio | audio | alt


000070fe | ? 1991-08-01T02:26:35Z ?

Jonny’s answering machine (1 of 3)

Jessica and I leave a message on Jonny Leonard’s answering machine. We then rang again to get a better recording. It turned out that he had lost control of his remote access system, accidentally recording this ‘bloody hell’ as his outgoing message. I think Mum and Dad were out for the evening. We called him again from that pub in Ross-on-Wye, to share the experience with Kate and Ailsa.

00006523.opus | ? 1991-08-01T02:26:37Z ? | radio | audio | alt

Jonny’s answering machine (2 of 3)

Jonny Leonard’s answering machine. It turned out that he had lost control of his remote access system, accidentally recording this ‘bloody hell’ as his outgoing message. I think Mum and Dad were out for the evening. We called him again from that pub in Ross-on-Wye, to share the experience with Kate and Ailsa.

00006524.opus | ? 1991-08-01T02:27:07Z ? | radio | audio | alt


0000653a | ? 1991-08-16T10:45:00Z ?


the first time stamp (spoken) in these recordings is 14:06 bst on monday 1991-09-16; that’s 1991-09-16T13:06:00Z; i suppose the mountainous recordings before that were made on 1991-09-14

000065da | ? 1991-09-14T00:30:00Z ? | radio

checkpointing for the advanced practical course on twyn-y-gaer; darren roberts with me; ralph at z30b on the radio; 52 and 37c were also supposed to be around, but it ended up being just us and him; windy and rainy; i had asked sheep to listen in on his boogie box; i suppose he was due to be working at his desk; in case of injury, i would call him on am on a frequency his receiver could handle and he would relay my message to geoff hine; but i don’t remember even testing the circuit, so the plan didn’t have much of a chance; darren and i used our orange plastic survival bags to slide down the mountain’s slippery surface of short grass

00007c27 | ? 1991-09-14T01:35:28Z ?


0000653b | ? 1991-09-14T01:35:30Z ?

radio rx antenna


000065d5 | ? 1991-09-14T01:35:30Z ?

radio tx callsign


000065df | ? 1991-09-14T01:35:30Z ?

radio rx antenna type

ground plane

000065d4 | ? 1991-09-14T01:35:31Z ?

radio rx rig


000065d8 | ? 1991-09-14T01:35:31Z ?

radio rx antenna length/perimeter


000065d9 | ? 1991-09-14T01:35:31Z ?

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000065d6 | ? 1991-09-14T01:35:32Z ?

radio rx mode


000065d7 | ? 1991-09-14T01:35:34Z ?

[z97 de z30b]

00008395 | ? 1991-09-14T01:35:37Z ? | radio rx message

Ralph at Z30B describes things at his end

Darren and I were on Twyn-y-Gaer with the 320, a C-13 TURF and a 5.4 metre fibreglass mast (plus whip). We sheltered somewhat below the northish edge of the summit; Darren set up the hexamine cooker in one of the little alcoves. The mast stood in the middle of the summit, at the other end of a length of coaxial cable. The TURF matched the cable to the braided radiator and whip. Ralph said that our signal was very good.

00006528.opus | ? 1991-09-14T01:41:28Z ? | radio acf/ccf national radio network, radio | audio | alt

Describing our equipment and environment to Ralph at Z30B

For the sake of radio security, I stop myself from mentioning the name of the river. Darren and I were on Twyn-y-Gaer with the 320, a C-13 TURF and a 5.4 metre fibreglass mast (plus whip). We sheltered somewhat below the northish edge of the summit; Darren set up the hexamine cooker in one of the little alcoves. The mast stood in the middle of the summit, at the other end of a length of coaxial cable. The TURF matched the cable to the braided radiator and whip. Ralph said that our signal was very good.

00006529.opus | ? 1991-09-14T01:45:05Z ? | radio acf/ccf national radio network, radio | audio | alt


000065de | ? 1991-09-14T23:59:58Z ?

radio tx callsign


000065e0 | ? 1991-09-16T00:00:00Z ?

radio rx antenna


000065db | ? 1991-09-16T13:05:58Z ?

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000065dd | ? 1991-09-16T13:05:59Z ?

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000065e1 | ? 1991-09-16T13:44:00Z ?

QSY and radio check on an empty channel

september radio

000065e8.opus | ? 1991-09-16T13:44:56Z ? | radio acf/ccf national radio network, radio | audio | alt

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000065e2 | ? 1991-09-16T13:45:19Z ?

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000065e3 | ? 1991-09-16T13:48:00Z ?

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000065e4 | ? 1991-09-16T13:49:17Z ?

Shannon Volmet

‘Zero’ was more abrupt than it is now (and it was still a man).

000065e9.opus | ? 1991-09-16T13:49:19Z ? | radio | audio | alt

[de shannon volmet]

00008396 | ? 1991-09-16T13:49:19Z ? | radio rx message


0000653c | ? 1991-12-03T00:00:00Z ?

[b97 de 77b]

00008398 | ? 1991-12-03T13:46:59Z ? | radio rx message

77b (king edwards school) qsl card; the operator name looks odd; sp walest, is it?

000063ed.jpg | ? 1991-12-03T13:47:00Z ? | radio | photo


i’m not sure whether this was the weekend of exercise christmas cracker 1991, but it doesn’t much matter, because our 320 broke down at the last minute; duncan and i were going to do this one; i don’t know whether there was anyone else

00006864 | ? 1991-12-07T00:00:02Z ? | radio

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00007573 | ? 1992-01-31T13:06:57Z ?

[b97 de 25]

0000839a | ? 1992-01-31T13:06:59Z ? | radio rx message

25 (bancroft’s school ccf) qsl card; i think it was eleanor meadway who exchanged letters with my squeaky and had some attachment to neil at 52; but she would soon be better known as margot’s sister

00006747.jpg | ? 1992-01-31T13:07:00Z ? | radio | photo

radio tx callsign


00006800 | ? 1992-02-01T13:29:58Z ?

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006802 | ? 1992-02-03T13:16:56Z ?

[de e5a]

0000839b | ? 1992-02-03T13:16:58Z ? | radio rx message

[de e5a]

0000839c | ? 1992-02-03T13:18:49Z ? | radio rx message

B77B is strange — K19B is cool

B77B uses the reserved word ‘repeat’ and corrects himself.

00006805.opus | ? 1992-02-03T13:25:00Z ? | radio acf/ccf national radio network, radio | audio | alt

[de k19b]

0000839d | ? 1992-02-03T13:25:03Z ? | radio rx message

[de b77b]

0000839e | ? 1992-02-03T13:25:14Z ? | radio rx message

[de b77b]

0000839f | ? 1992-02-03T13:25:18Z ? | radio rx message

[de k19b]

000083a0 | ? 1992-02-03T13:31:50Z ? | radio rx message

A quick chat with K19B

... before he is asked to leave the net by his sunray minor so that he can run through the rules for Exercise Sore Ears. B77B plays his latest trick on W25.

00006809.opus | ? 1992-02-03T13:31:52Z ? | radio acf/ccf national radio network, radio | audio | alt

[de b77b]

000083a1 | ? 1992-02-03T13:32:48Z ? | radio rx message

[de w25]

000083a2 | ? 1992-02-03T13:32:52Z ? | radio rx message

[de w25]

000083a3 | ? 1992-02-03T13:32:54Z ? | radio rx message

[de q52]

000083a4 | ? 1992-02-03T13:33:13Z ? | radio rx message

[de b77b]

000083a5 | ? 1992-02-03T13:33:20Z ? | radio rx message

[de b77b]

000083a6 | ? 1992-02-03T13:33:23Z ? | radio rx message

Doctor Neil at Q52 asks W25 about her illness

W25’s signal drops out. I thank Neil for his letter.

00006813.opus | ? 1992-02-03T13:36:16Z ? | radio acf/ccf national radio network, radio | audio | alt

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006866 | ? 1992-02-03T13:48:00Z ?


the times of the following recordings are unknown, but they’re probably from the same school term and certainly from the same school year

00006868 | ? 1992-02-03T14:00:00Z ?


000070ff | ? 1992-02-03T14:00:02Z ?

Ross Jones’ impression of a Dalek in the junior common room

radio jcr and blaencwm side 2

00006867.opus | ? 1992-02-03T14:14:00Z ? | radio | audio | alt


00007100 | ? 1992-02-03T21:19:23Z ?

Ross Jones does some funny voices

... including a Dalek reprise. Recorded on Dafydd Biffen’s machine at his desk in the senior common room?

0000686b.opus | ? 1992-02-03T21:19:25Z ? | radio | audio | alt

Ross Jones’ frog rap (in celebration of Joe Gerrard)

Recorded on Dafydd Biffen’s machine at his desk in the senior common room?

0000686c.opus | ? 1992-02-03T21:20:52Z ? | radio | audio | alt

Thursday April the 9th - Election Day

Isn’t life jolly?

Richard Orledge has been staying here for the last four days. He ’phoned me last week, last Thursday in fact, to tell me that he would be arriving in Wolves on Saturday night. "OK." I replied, "Call me then and we’ll set up a little meeting time for monday morning or something. Bye!"

Anyway, after another ’phone call (this time from his car) on Sunday afternoon, we were all fixed for a meeting at 10:30 on Monday morning.

At 10:30 precisely on Monday morning, we approached each other, said our hellos and ponced off home.

Between then and now, we have watched several video films (Beetlejuice, Heathers, The Shining, Terminator 2 among them), visited town where I bought a new box of hexamine and he bought a box of chocolates for Mum, a new crayon for his cousin Emma to replace that which he had broken and a ’Divine Madness’ CD and done sod all else, really.

What jolly japes!

Last night, during my half-yearly (or something like that) dental (not mental) appointment, I was told by the Dickie fellow with the tongs and pneumatic drills that my teeth were immaculate but for a ’crushing’ problem which was occuring due to a pressure exerted on my furthest molars by my so called ’wisdom’ teeth. If I ever become a world-famous dental surgeon, I shall certainly rename these ’wisdom’ teeth ’arsehole’ teeth and make sure that every dental patient of the age fully understands the extent of their arseholishness.

Yesterday, on April 9th 1992, I was in the possession of 28 fully-grown gnashers and 4 arsehole teeth which were coming on nicely.

Today, I still possess 28 fully-grown gnashers and I trust my arseholes are fine. The difference is that four of my fully-growns are in plastic bags, having been excellently removed from my trap by the Dickie fellow.

At my 4:15 appointment yesterday, it was thought that my teeth were perfect and would not require any treatment. Sadly, I was only half correct. By the time I left the surgery, the furthest molars on the left of my mouth were in my hand.

This morning, we emerged from the house at about 10:10 and set off to leave Rick at Wolverhampton Station, collect a couple of ties from ’the’ dry cleaners and to make sure that my opposing molars never woke again. I suppose, from an objective point of view, the morning was a success.

In the removal ceremony today, all went as smoothly as it did the day before. The two injections were administered, the lower one to the depth of about an inch or so, the second to a shallower, less severe measure. The chap told me that in fact the amount of injection used was half the recommended dose. I began to worry, but then remembered that it had gone well the day before and calmed down.

Because mother had been checked on Thursday, there was no-one to take my place in the chair of horror while the ’numbing-up’ took its course. The dentist buggered off for whatever he needed outside the room, returning occasionally to tap my chin. The numbing solution was not working as well as it should have been. Understanding this, and being very informative about the structure of the nerve, he injected me again in the lower half of my mouth. The nurse cringed with me. We had been talking about her detestation of injections in some detail earlier while we waited for the first jab to take effect. Then, in un-nerving succession, the fellow attacked me with the gripping tool, assuring me that it was fine to go at the top half immediately. I felt no pain (ARNIE!), but was somewhat disturbed by his certainty. The dentist took another rest. Meanwhile, I thought about what he had said in reference to the bone contained within the face. He had told me that the bone above the upper tooth was porous, so did not require the time during the numbing process and that the lower one was more solid and made time and depth of injection a necessity. Lovely, I thought.

The removal of the last tooth was a little too early in coming for my liking, but proved a good deal more enlightening than otherwise. Just as the tooth was on the point of breaking free, an immense pain ripped through my ’numbed’ mouth and, holding a piece of my bone in place, the fellow repeated his idea that it is the human’s instinct to feel pain just as he is parting with a bit of his body. My thought at that moment said, "What a load of crap!". In retrospect, as they say, I think his idea was perfectly honourable, if not absolutely accurate.

000090e1 | ? 1992-04-09T12:00:00Z ?


0000653d | ? 1992-06-27T00:00:00Z ?

misty morning in dibble’s field; a single dipole, this year, incorporating dipoles of many lengths; a multi-band dipole, it was called; copied out of a recent issue of the nrn newsletter; again, the near end was slung over the stable roof; the power meter on the transceiver never seemed very impressed to be attached to this antenna, but we won this competition anyway (thanks to 52’s alcoholism); the orange tent was the ‘rest’ tent; i didn’t use it; this mist was normal; the sun would soon burn it off

0000a6e5.jpg | 1992-06-27T07:00:00Z | radio | photo


00007101 | ? 1992-06-28T23:59:58Z ?


00006871 | ? 1992-08-02T00:00:00Z ?

Scene from ‘Favorite Son’

Jessica whistles the theme music.

0000686f.opus | ? 1992-08-02T01:32:33Z ? | radio | audio | alt


00007102 | ? 1992-08-03T13:36:00Z ?

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000068a7 | ? 1992-08-03T13:37:00Z ?

[de eh92job]

000083a8 | ? 1992-08-03T13:37:01Z ? | radio rx message

EH92JOB in Barcelona (Olympic Games) takes a call from GW4RVA in Carmarthen

i don’t know the frequency or the time, but it sounds like the receiver was one of the blue ones from the signals hut, probably with a piece of d10 crudely shoved in the back and strung out toward the garage;

today (2008-04-01), i got this reply from jordi; ‘Sorry but logs of EH92JOB were deleted in 2002, six years ago!! I can aprox. inform that i worked the Olimpic Station on August 3 to 7, 10 to 14, 17 to 21 and 24 and 25 in the moorning (about 10 to 14 local time) and the frequenciy was 20 meters!!’; great response; thanks, jordi; carmarthen to the cottage is some short skip;

on another occasion (probably the following easter, when i had already taken the 320 to the cottage to complete exercise sore ears), i stayed at the cottage again with ma and pa and lay on my bed for an afternoon, listening to a women’s language college in omsk, siberia; oksana, maia, elvira; they were good on the ear

00006870.opus | ? 1992-08-03T13:37:02Z ? | radio | audio | alt

[de gw4rva]

000083a9 | ? 1992-08-03T13:37:04Z ? | radio rx message

[de gw4rva]

000083aa | ? 1992-08-03T13:38:20Z ? | radio rx message
matthew tidball, still photograph, audio clip
10, 19b, 25, 30b, 52, 5a, 77b, 89a, 8b, 97