00006546 | ? 1994-09-30T00:00:00Z ?

radio rx antenna azimuth (f-min) (deg)


0000830d | ? 1994-09-30T00:00:01Z ?

radio tx callsign


0000613e | ? 1994-09-30T00:00:02Z ?

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006158 | 1994-09-30T19:53:00Z


00006159 | 1994-09-30T19:53:02Z | radio tx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


0000615a | 1994-09-30T20:00:00Z

radio rx mode


0000615b | 1994-09-30T20:00:02Z


0000615c | 1994-09-30T20:01:00Z | radio tx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


0000615d | 1994-09-30T20:04:00Z

radio rx frequency (mhz)


0000615e | 1994-09-30T20:06:00Z


0000615f | 1994-09-30T20:10:00Z | radio tx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006160 | 1994-09-30T20:14:00Z


00006161 | 1994-09-30T20:16:00Z | radio tx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006162 | 1994-09-30T20:18:00Z

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006163 | 1994-09-30T20:22:00Z

radio rx mode


00006164 | 1994-09-30T20:22:02Z

[de wa2jun]

000083b0 | 1994-09-30T20:36:00Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de wa2jun] name tony; qth new jersey; rst 55; ant lw; qsl; ads 187 long hill road, oakland, 07436

00006167 | 1994-09-30T20:36:03Z | radio rx message

my first qso

00006168 | 1994-09-30T20:36:06Z | radio comment

radio rx frequency (mhz)


0000674c | 1994-09-30T20:43:00Z

radio rx mode


0000674d | 1994-09-30T20:43:02Z


0000674e | 1994-09-30T20:43:04Z | radio tx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006750 | 1994-09-30T20:45:00Z

radio rx mode


00006751 | 1994-09-30T20:45:02Z


00006752 | 1994-09-30T20:45:04Z | radio comment

[de k9dko]

000083b1 | 1994-09-30T20:45:06Z | radio rx message

[de w3le]

000083b2 | 1994-09-30T20:45:08Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006758 | 1994-09-30T21:08:00Z

[de kd4lan]

000083b3 | 1994-09-30T21:08:02Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de kd4lan] rst 53; name john; qth florida, fort lauderdale

00006759 | 1994-09-30T21:08:05Z | radio rx message

[de f5pfp]

000083b5 | 1994-09-30T21:08:10Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


0000675c | 1994-09-30T21:08:12Z

[de 5u7y]

000083b6 | 1994-09-30T21:08:14Z | radio rx message

[de wa4jtk]

000083b7 | 1994-09-30T21:08:16Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006764 | 1994-09-30T21:08:18Z


0000675f | 1994-09-30T21:25:00Z | radio tx message

[de v31xd]

000083b8 | 1994-09-30T21:25:02Z | radio rx message

[de k9ha]

000083b9 | 1994-09-30T21:25:04Z | radio rx message

[de w4rad] name gene; qth hendersonville, north carolina

00006763 | 1994-09-30T21:25:07Z | radio rx message

radio rx mode


00006765 | 1994-09-30T21:25:10Z

swabia = wx sunny es windy

00006767 | 1994-09-30T21:25:14Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006769 | 1994-09-30T21:56:00Z


0000676a | 1994-09-30T21:56:02Z | radio tx message

cq de pa3awv

0000676c | 1994-09-30T22:01:02Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006780 | 1994-09-30T22:01:05Z | radio comment

gw0vbc de pa3awv ge ur rst 449 qrn qsb = op frank qth maastricht bk

0000676e | 1994-09-30T22:01:06Z | radio rx message

bk ok matt fb nw 579 579 qsb ok tks rprt fm brecon = hr rig ft1000 es ant dipole up 30ft = hw bkn

0000676f | 1994-09-30T22:01:08Z | radio rx message

de pa3awv ok dr matt fb es tnx fer info = ok my pwr is 150 wtts es key is old bilitary key/straight = tks qso es hpe cuagn = gw0vbc de pa3awv

00006770 | 1994-09-30T22:01:10Z | radio rx message

ar sk 73 73 de pa3awv

00006771 | 1994-09-30T22:12:00Z | radio rx message

[de oh6lbw]

000083bb | 1994-09-30T22:12:04Z | radio rx message

cq de rz3ad

00006775 | 1994-09-30T22:29:02Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006776 | 1994-09-30T22:46:00Z

cq de sp5cna [...] 579 my name is marian

00006778 | 1994-09-30T22:46:04Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006779 | 1994-09-30T22:51:00Z

radio rx mode


0000677a | 1994-09-30T22:51:02Z


0000677b | 1994-09-30T22:51:04Z | radio comment

radio rx frequency (mhz)


0000677c | 1994-10-01T05:54:00Z

radio rx mode


0000677d | 1994-10-01T05:54:02Z

radio rx frequency (mhz)


0000677f | 1994-10-01T05:54:04Z

[de sp6cik]

000083bc | 1994-10-01T05:54:06Z | radio rx message

rst 599

00006784 | 1994-10-01T05:54:09Z | radio comment

de sp6cik gm ur 559 55n name leszek leszek sb pole op ole hw? bk

00006783 | 1994-10-01T05:54:10Z | radio rx message

bk tnx fer info matt wx is also cloudy = qsll vy 73 best dx es gl de sp6cik kn

00006785 | 1994-10-01T05:54:12Z | radio rx message

bk qth opole opole hw? bk

00006786 | 1994-10-01T05:54:14Z | radio rx message

gl dr matt

00006787 | 1994-10-01T05:54:16Z | radio rx message

[? de sp6cik]

000083bd | 1994-10-01T06:10:58Z | radio rx message

cq dx de om3cae

0000678a | 1994-10-01T06:11:02Z | radio rx message

gw0vbc gw0vbc de om3cae gm rst 599 name miro hw? bk

0000678c | 1994-10-01T06:11:06Z | radio rx message

hr qth bratislava bratislava qsl gl matt 73 de om3cae

0000678d | 1994-10-01T06:11:08Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


0000678e | 1994-10-01T06:11:10Z

radio rx mode


0000678f | 1994-10-01T06:11:12Z

[de ew1hf]

000083be | 1994-10-01T06:11:16Z | radio rx message

[de 4x4jeu] qth tel aviv

00006794 | 1994-10-01T06:11:19Z | radio rx message

[de ah6ph]

000083bf | 1994-10-01T06:11:22Z | radio rx message

[de s51db]

000083c0 | 1994-10-01T06:11:24Z | radio rx message

[de rz6hxk]

000083c1 | 1994-10-01T06:11:26Z | radio rx message

[de ?] rst 57; name joe

00006799 | 1994-10-01T06:11:29Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


0000679a | 1994-10-01T06:12:00Z

radio rx mode


0000679b | 1994-10-01T06:12:02Z

[de ea2sov]

000083c2 | 1994-10-01T06:12:04Z | radio rx message

[de g2ciw]

000083c3 | 1994-10-01T06:12:06Z | radio rx message

579 qth [...] es jack hw gw0vbc de g2ciw kn

000067a4 | 1994-10-01T06:12:10Z | radio rx message

de g2ciw ok but dont forget ur call sign = qth gloucester ok? de g2ciw bk

000067a5 | 1994-10-01T06:12:12Z | radio rx message

de g2ciw fine matt but u not give my rprt = congrats on new call = [...] 440 es ant doublet = so ok matt? bk

000067a6 | 1994-10-01T06:12:14Z | radio rx message

de g2ciw fine matt es u are doing fine = tks [...] qso hve qrt in min so vy 73 es gl on bands ar gw0vbc de g2ciw sk tu ee

000067a7 | 1994-10-01T06:12:16Z | radio rx message

[de gm3sb/p]

000083c5 | 1994-10-01T06:12:20Z | radio rx message

[de g3oma]

000083c6 | 1994-10-01T06:12:22Z | radio rx message

g0szr qrp g0szr

000067ac | 1994-10-01T07:05:02Z | radio rx message

r r gw0vbc de g0szr r r tnx fer ur call es gm = ur rst rst is 549 549 = here name name is brian brian es qth qth is nr ripon ripon nr york = ok hw? gw0vbc de g0szr kn

000067ae | 1994-10-01T07:05:06Z | radio rx message

gw0vbc gw0vbc de g0szr r r ok matt got most but qsb es qrn = tnx fer ur rprt = es well done on ur new call very fb = keep up ur cw it is fb the best mode hi hi = ok matt tnx fer nice qso es hope to cuagn in better condx = gl es gm = ar gw0vbc de g0szr sk tu e

000067af | 1994-10-01T07:05:08Z | radio rx message

r r ok 73 73 to u es [...] = de g0szr sk ee

000067b0 | 1994-10-01T07:17:00Z | radio rx message

[de dk0wcy]

000083c9 | 1994-10-01T07:17:06Z | radio rx message

beacon, as on 30m

000067b4 | 1994-10-01T07:17:08Z | radio comment

[de dk0wcy]

000083ca | 1994-10-01T07:24:58Z | radio rx message


000067b5 | 1994-10-01T07:25:00Z | radio tx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000067b7 | 1994-10-01T07:32:00Z

cq dx dx cq dx dx de ea5flq

000067b9 | 1994-10-01T07:32:04Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000067bb | 1994-10-01T07:45:02Z

cq de ea2cov

000067bd | 1994-10-01T07:45:06Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000067bf | 1994-10-01T09:12:02Z

radio rx mode


000067c0 | 1994-10-01T09:12:04Z

[de eo50js]

000083cd | 1994-10-01T09:12:06Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de eo50js] rst 59; qslm ly1ds

000067c3 | 1994-10-01T09:12:09Z | radio rx message

[de ea8as]

000083cf | 1994-10-01T09:12:14Z | radio rx message

[de ed1urs] qslm ea1exy

000067c7 | 1994-10-01T09:12:17Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000067c9 | 1994-10-01T09:27:02Z

radio rx mode


000067ca | 1994-10-01T09:27:04Z

on5up/qrp pse k

000067cc | 1994-10-01T09:27:08Z | radio rx message

gw0vbc gw0vbc gw0vbc gw0vbc de on5up on5up 57 = r r r matt tnx fer rprt es qso = rst rst 569 qth dinant = name name is andre andre = ok matt? ar

000067cd | 1994-10-01T09:27:10Z | radio rx message

gw0vbc de on5up/qrp kn name name is andre ok? bk

000067ce | 1994-10-01T09:27:12Z | radio rx message

bk de on5up/qrp = r r yes yes yes = ok? bk

000067cf | 1994-10-01T09:27:14Z | radio rx message

bk de on5up/qrp = ok matt = pwr 2w 2 watts two watts two watts as ant dipole rig rig is home made = my tx nx is vx vx = ok? bk

000067d0 | 1994-10-01T09:27:16Z | radio rx message

radio tx power (w)


000067d2 | 1994-10-01T09:27:17Z

bk gw0vbc/qrp de on5up/qrp fb fb congrats on ur 2w r r r fb = wid ur 2 watts ur rst rst 59 569 569 fb fb = ok? bk

000067d1 | 1994-10-01T09:27:18Z | radio rx message

r r de on5up fd gnallocdrmatt = congrats to ur qrp doing fb job = hr hr my rig rig is vxo vxo vxo home made ok dr matt? bk

000067d3 | 1994-10-01T09:27:20Z | radio rx message

sri nw nw ur ur tx ri = ob? bk

000067d4 | 1994-10-01T09:27:22Z | radio rx message

de on5up/qrp nw agn agn ok ok = ok matt? bk

000067d5 | 1994-10-01T09:27:24Z | radio rx message

bk de fvc [...] all ok es wa ur tx is vy k fb fb no no problem fb = congrats congrats to ur first first day wid qrp fb = my qsl via buro ok matt zbk

000067d6 | 1994-10-01T09:27:26Z | radio rx message

r gw0vbc/qrp de on5up/qrp = r r s fine cpy dr matt es nw nw no no problem fb = enjoy t r

000067d7 | 1994-10-01T10:12:00Z | radio rx message

radio tx power (w)


000067f2 | 1994-10-01T11:02:01Z

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000067da | 1994-10-01T11:02:02Z

radio rx mode


000067db | 1994-10-01T11:02:04Z

ot on 200

000067dc | 1994-10-01T11:02:06Z | radio comment

[de la1xda]

000083d3 | 1994-10-01T11:02:08Z | radio rx message

[de ik2xrj]

000083d4 | 1994-10-01T11:02:10Z | radio rx message

[de sm0cce]

000083d5 | 1994-10-01T11:02:12Z | radio rx message

[de ik5xlb] qth arezzo, central italy

000067e1 | 1994-10-01T11:02:15Z | radio rx message

[de f/on5of/m]

000083d6 | 1994-10-01T11:11:00Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de f/on5of/m] rst 56; qth south france, mobile, marseille, on motorway (via on5of)

000067e4 | 1994-10-01T11:11:03Z | radio rx message

rst 58

000067e5 | 1994-10-01T11:11:03Z | radio comment

flooding, 2/3 rain to 1/3 good weather; kids in background

000067e6 | 1994-10-01T11:11:06Z | radio rx message

[de ut5ko]

000083d9 | 1994-10-01T11:31:00Z | radio rx message

radio rx mode


000067ea | 1994-10-01T11:31:02Z

dx de hb9joe hb9joe

000067ec | 1994-10-01T11:31:06Z | radio rx message

[de df5cd]

000083da | 1994-10-01T11:36:00Z | radio rx message

[de ocea (?)]

000083db | 1994-10-01T11:36:02Z | radio rx message

[de sm0fww]

000083dc | 1994-10-01T11:36:04Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000067f1 | 1994-10-01T11:48:02Z


000067f3 | 1994-10-01T11:48:04Z | radio tx message

[de la7nk]

000083de | 1994-10-01T11:48:06Z | radio rx message

gw0vbc de la8nk la8nk gw0vbc de la8nk k

000067f6 | 1994-10-01T11:48:10Z | radio rx message

fb matt in brecon = ur 559 559 = ere name is harald harald es qth is joerpeland joerpeland near stavanget = am using an old german wwii handpump hi = gw0vbc de la[...]

000067f7 | 1994-10-01T11:48:12Z | radio rx message

gw0vbc de la7nk la7nk r fb matt = well congratulations matt = yes ham radio is a vy fb hobby well worth getting ham licence = i went to sea back in 1953 as a radio operator in foreign trade but now am retired and am using this handpump just to refresh the arthe rusng elbug most of the time = so it h to have both standing on the bench matt to be able to change from from the ii the one to the other = ere am using a kenwood ts-450s at and antenna a cushcraft r7 = hw gw0vbc de la7nk kn

000067f8 | 1994-10-01T11:48:14Z | radio rx message

r r will stby r i ga gw0vbc de la7nk not all have got local noise? noise so not copy in gr y good a d ki6.. rd before it gets too bad matt bv but it will come other opportunities later so i wish you fb weekend and cuagn ltr gw0vbc de la7nk

000067f9 | 1994-10-01T11:48:16Z | radio rx message

r r ok go ahead de la7nk

000067fa | 1994-10-01T11:48:18Z | radio rx message

the you are about the same but conds are not too good so casing the f bad sigs at times = so not vy much to do with in = b

000067fb | 1994-10-01T11:48:20Z | radio rx message

r gw0vbc de la7nk well the competition is swaland then nology in forward so on o r / will beeded wly satterlu communication = well matt must close have got tve int r so tks agn for qso es cuagn latr ar gw0vbc de la7nk ar

000067fc | 1994-10-01T11:48:22Z | radio rx message

r r tks es gl wid ur new call letters matt ar gw0vbc de la7nk sk e e

000067fd | 1994-10-01T11:48:24Z | radio rx message

radio rx mode


00006816 | ? 1994-10-01T12:00:00Z ?

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00009d6f | ? 1994-10-01T12:00:00Z ?

radio tx callsign


00009d70 | ? 1994-10-01T12:00:00Z ?

James impersonates his school chaplain

St John’s School Leatherhead.

00006bed.opus | 1994-10-01T12:03:00Z | radio acf/ccf national radio network, radio | audio | alt

radio tx callsign


00009d71 | ? 1994-10-01T13:40:00Z ?

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006815 | 1994-10-01T13:45:00Z

[de sp7mjd] name mark; qth ozorkow

00006818 | 1994-10-01T13:45:05Z | radio rx message

[de on4de]

000083e1 | 1994-10-01T13:56:00Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de on4de] name bob; qth nr antwerp; rst 53

0000681c | 1994-10-01T13:56:03Z | radio rx message

rst 59

0000681b | 1994-10-01T13:56:04Z | radio comment

[gw0vbc de ok2bhx] qth blansko; name stan; rst 59+; qsb

0000681e | 1994-10-01T14:02:01Z | radio rx message

rst 59; qsb

0000681f | 1994-10-01T14:02:04Z | radio comment

[? de ok2bhx] pwr 300w; wx sunny, beautiful, 23c

00006821 | 1994-10-01T14:02:07Z | radio rx message

[de om9acq]

000083e2 | 1994-10-01T14:14:00Z | radio rx message

[de 9a1bst]

000083e3 | 1994-10-01T14:14:30Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de 9a1bst] rst 59; name sasa; qth croatia; temp 30c

00006826 | 1994-10-01T14:14:33Z | radio rx message

rst 59+

00006825 | 1994-10-01T14:14:34Z | radio comment

[? de 9a1bst]

000083e4 | 1994-10-01T14:14:38Z | radio rx message

[de ua4rz]

000083e5 | 1994-10-01T14:23:00Z | radio rx message

[de vk3ski/mm]

000083e6 | 1994-10-01T14:38:00Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de vk3ski/mm] rst 50; name andy; qth mediterranean, south east spain; from melbourne

0000682c | 1994-10-01T14:38:03Z | radio rx message

rst 58

0000682b | 1994-10-01T14:38:04Z | radio comment

radio rx frequency (mhz)


0000682e | 1994-10-01T14:45:02Z

[de a22mn]

000083e7 | 1994-10-01T14:45:04Z | radio rx message

[de i8azc]

000083e8 | 1994-10-01T14:45:06Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de i8azc] name ben; qth south italy; rst qsb 55; matteo [me]; qth fuscaldo, 300km south of naples; pwr 80w; wx covered sky; temp 25c; tom in SIt beautiful day

000068b1 | 1994-10-01T14:45:09Z | radio rx message

rst 56

000068b0 | 1994-10-01T14:45:10Z | radio comment

kc8jjr hevaristo is the one he’s calling

000068b3 | 1994-10-01T14:45:16Z | radio comment

[de wa2sbs] name dick; qth new jersey

000068b5 | 1994-10-01T14:45:19Z | radio rx message

qth 35 miles wsw of new york city (60km w), martinsville; wx cloudy, light rain; temp 18c; pwr 400w; ant 4 el yagi, height 20m

000068b6 | 1994-10-01T14:45:22Z | radio rx message

[de kd1mv]

000083ea | 1994-10-01T14:46:00Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de kd1mv] rst 51; name steve; qth north of portland, maine

000068ba | 1994-10-01T14:46:03Z | radio rx message

rst 53

000068b9 | 1994-10-01T14:46:04Z | radio comment

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000068bc | 1994-10-01T15:30:02Z

[de n3adl] pwr 1kw; ant 3 el monoyagi

000068bf | 1994-10-01T15:30:07Z | radio rx message

[de ux0zz]

000083eb | 1994-10-01T15:30:10Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de ux0zz] rst 55; name nick; qth nikolhev, south ukraine, 100km north of black sea; rig homebrew; pwr 200w

000068c3 | 1994-10-01T15:30:13Z | radio rx message

rst 58

000068c2 | 1994-10-01T15:30:14Z | radio comment

[de yi0bi]

000083ed | 1994-10-01T15:36:02Z | radio rx message

[de ur4lki]

000083ee | 1994-10-01T15:36:04Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de ur4lki] rst 55; name peter; qth kharkov

000068c9 | 1994-10-01T15:36:07Z | radio rx message

rst 55

000068c8 | 1994-10-01T15:36:08Z | radio comment

[de w2yd] qth 120 miles west of nashville, tennessee; pwr 400w; ant 5 el yagi

000068cc | 1994-10-01T15:36:15Z | radio rx message

[de yv5apf]

000083f0 | 1994-10-01T15:36:18Z | radio rx message

[de aa2lc] nyc

000068cf | 1994-10-01T15:45:01Z | radio rx message

[de n2nvh]

000083f1 | 1994-10-01T15:45:04Z | radio rx message

[de yo7lcb]

000083f2 | 1994-10-01T15:45:06Z | radio rx message

[de i1ujx]

000083f3 | 1994-10-01T15:45:08Z | radio rx message

[de yi0bif]

000083f4 | 1994-10-01T15:57:00Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de yi0bif] name adel; qth babylon; qsl ads po box 7441, baghdad, iraq; rst 52

000068d6 | 1994-10-01T15:57:03Z | radio rx message

rst 56

000068d5 | 1994-10-01T15:57:04Z | radio comment

radio rx mode


000068d8 | 1994-10-01T16:05:02Z

yo7ckq gw0?

000068da | 1994-10-01T16:05:06Z | radio rx message

ur rst 549 549 es qrb q b = my name is sorin sorin = qth is tirgujiu tirgujiu = hw? bk

000068db | 1994-10-01T16:05:08Z | radio rx message

bk de yo7ckq all ok ok copy dr matt = my qsl is re via buro e pse pse ur qsl = nw best dx 73 es gb dr matt = gw0vbc de yo7ckq kn

000068dc | 1994-10-01T16:05:10Z | radio rx message

73 dr matt au hh ee

000068dd | 1994-10-01T16:05:12Z | radio rx message

f5mes pse ar k

000068e0 | 1994-10-01T16:12:04Z | radio rx message

rst 54

000068e3 | 1994-10-01T16:12:07Z | radio comment

gw0vbc de f5mes gd dr om tnx for call = ur rst 555 555 = qth is suburb toulouse toulouse ouest france = name is herve herve = hw? gw0vbc de f5mes

000068e2 | 1994-10-01T16:12:08Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de f5mes]

000083f7 | 1994-10-01T16:16:00Z | radio rx message

lost him

000068e5 | 1994-10-01T16:16:02Z | radio comment

radio rx mode


000068e6 | 1994-10-01T16:21:00Z

[gw0vbc de sm2bh] name karl; qth south of arctic circle, boden; been to north wales and south wales; brecon; game shooting; left ear pubs; rst 55; went across south wales to get to ireland; north wales to get back; Inst snow FT-1000; pwr 100w; 3/4 wave dipole next to yagi

000068e9 | 1994-10-01T16:21:03Z | radio rx message

rst 57

000068e8 | 1994-10-01T16:21:04Z | radio comment

[gw0vbc de n3adl] qth hatfield, pennsylvania, 60km north of philly; name doug; rst 44; rig ic-761; pwr lots of watts

000068ec | 1994-10-01T16:30:01Z | radio rx message

rst 58

000068eb | 1994-10-01T16:30:02Z | radio comment

radio rx mode


000068ed | 1994-10-01T16:50:00Z

rst 57

000068ef | 1994-10-01T16:50:04Z | radio comment

kz1h sk

000068f0 | 1994-10-01T16:50:06Z | radio rx message

de kz1h r ge/ga om tks frelg ur 57n 57n in beverly ma beverly ma es name george george hw? gw0vbc de kz1h k

000068f3 | 1994-10-01T16:50:10Z | radio rx message

de kz1h fb matt es qsl via buro; hr rig 1tt w to belmond; wx sunny 15c; i think u are first 0vbc i’ve wkd hee; 73 73 matt ar gw0vbc de kz1h

000068f4 | 1994-10-01T16:50:12Z | radio rx message

ok matt es hpy birthday es congrats ur first day but how old are u? bk

000068f5 | 1994-10-01T16:50:14Z | radio rx message

r r ok fb matt = must qrt so cul good luck = fone call hr cue

000068f6 | 1994-10-01T16:50:16Z | radio rx message

lz1yw cq de lz1yw lz1yw ar

000068f8 | 1994-10-01T16:50:18Z | radio rx message

ge/ga s ur 589 589 in plovdiv plovdiv op yoan yoan ? g0gkh de lz1yw

000068f9 | 1994-10-01T16:50:20Z | radio rx message

temp is 20c = hw? ar dl8wem de ea7acv kn

000068fc | 1994-10-01T16:50:24Z | radio rx message

radio rx mode


000068fd | 1994-10-01T17:15:00Z

[de va3ga]

000083fa | 1994-10-01T17:15:02Z | radio rx message

[de ik7slt]

000083fb | 1994-10-01T17:21:00Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de ik7slt] rst 57; name mario; qth 28km nw brindisi; rig ts-450s; pwr 100w; ant rotary dipole multi sans rotor, ne-sw; wx fine; temp 28c this morning, 23c now

00006904 | 1994-10-01T17:21:03Z | radio rx message

rst 58

00006903 | 1994-10-01T17:21:04Z | radio comment

[de k2ou]

000083fd | 1994-10-01T17:21:10Z | radio rx message

[de os9cg]

000083fe | 1994-10-01T17:21:12Z | radio rx message

[de f6hiz]

000083ff | 1994-10-01T17:21:14Z | radio rx message

[de ik7slt]

00008400 | 1994-10-01T17:21:16Z | radio rx message

[de ct1afn] qth lisbon; ant inv dipole

0000690b | 1994-10-01T17:21:19Z | radio rx message

[de la3pu]

00008401 | 1994-10-01T17:21:22Z | radio rx message

[de ea5cku]

00008402 | 1994-10-01T17:21:24Z | radio rx message

[de sv2cus]

00008403 | 1994-10-01T17:46:00Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de sv2cus] rst 57; name john; qth veria, 75km west of ?; pwr 100w; rig ic-761; temp 30c

00006911 | 1994-10-01T17:46:03Z | radio rx message

rst 59+

00006910 | 1994-10-01T17:46:04Z | radio comment

[gw0vbc de ea5/g3wmz] rst 59+10 sometimes; name les; qth alicante, costa blanca; rig ts-530s; ant delta loop; dusk; bought rig in axminster 2 1/2 months ago; in spain permanent processor; 1969-74 63 sas signals squadron

00006914 | 1994-10-01T17:54:01Z | radio rx message

rst 59+

00006913 | 1994-10-01T17:54:02Z | radio comment

Les EA5/G3WMZ remembers Brecon

first amateur weekend side 1b

00006bf9.opus | 1994-10-01T18:02:54Z | radio | audio | alt

hereford; brecon

00006915 | 1994-10-01T18:03:00Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de wb2bmc] rig ts-950sdx; ant modified rhombic; name phil; qth white plains, new york; ant 2 legs 200ft wire to 2 towers

00006918 | 1994-10-01T18:24:01Z | radio rx message

rst 59; qsb

00006917 | 1994-10-01T18:24:02Z | radio comment

just got name matt and qth brecon

00006919 | 1994-10-01T18:24:06Z | radio rx message

[de aa2lc] name russ; qth long island; rig yaesu ft-1000; ant 3 el ?; pwr 1kw

0000691c | 1994-10-01T18:24:11Z | radio rx message

[de kc2q]

00008405 | 1994-10-01T18:58:00Z | radio rx message

[de sv1crz]

00008406 | 1994-10-01T18:58:02Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de sv1crz] name jim; qth athens; rst 57; rig homemade tcvr; pwr 100w; ant vertical

00006921 | 1994-10-01T18:58:05Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006920 | 1994-10-01T18:58:06Z | radio comment

[gw0vbc de k1ied] name larry; qth connecticut; rst 53; qth south windsor, just outside capital; rig ft-1000; pwr 300w; ant 5 el mono, elev 45m

00006924 | 1994-10-01T19:11:01Z | radio rx message

rst 59+10

00006923 | 1994-10-01T19:11:02Z | radio comment

K1IED says “well i’ll be darned!”

first amateur weekend side 1b

00006c01.opus | 1994-10-01T19:11:05Z | radio | audio | alt

[de df?ar]

00008408 | 1994-10-01T19:11:08Z | radio rx message

[de cx5dy] qth montevideo

00006928 | 1994-10-01T19:11:11Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


0000692a | 1994-10-01T19:34:02Z

[de dl1jgp]

0000840a | 1994-10-01T19:34:04Z | radio rx message

[de w4lcx]

0000840b | 1994-10-01T19:34:06Z | radio rx message

[de 6y5gr]

0000840c | 1994-10-01T19:34:08Z | radio rx message

[de rn3qo]

0000840d | 1994-10-01T19:34:10Z | radio rx message

[de z31fk] name mike; qth macedonia

00006930 | 1994-10-01T19:34:13Z | radio rx message

[de w9rf] qth wisconsin; name chris

00006932 | 1994-10-01T19:34:17Z | radio rx message

[de n2wkp]

0000840e | 1994-10-01T19:34:20Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de n2wkp] rst 56; qth new york; name fred; qth long island, 5 miles east of jfk airport

00006936 | 1994-10-01T19:34:23Z | radio rx message

rst 58

00006935 | 1994-10-01T19:34:24Z | radio comment

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006937 | 1994-10-01T20:03:02Z

radio rx mode


00006939 | 1994-10-01T20:03:04Z

gw0vbc gw0vbc gw0vbc gw0vbc de g3lyw g3lyw g3lyw ar kn

0000693b | 1994-10-01T20:03:08Z | radio rx message

bk de g3lyw fb matthew fb = vy mni tnx fer rprt es vy psed to hve our first ham qso hee = ur 5nn 5nn wid sum qsb but vy fb fer 320 hee = is hywel wid u nw? give him my congratulations on his head of house es hw is his foot nw? hee = so hw cpi es is this speed ok [...] u? bk

0000693e | 1994-10-01T20:03:12Z | radio rx message

bk de g3lyw = r = fb matthew hee = boy oh boy ur certainly keen there = think ur key is wid the pressel switch hee no key there? hee = on ur nxt over try usb usb es if that ok ere thru the qrn a ii will try ssb too = ok hywel on leave but tnx fer qsp ing ing fo to hww = so back to u ar gw0vbc de g3lyw kn

0000693f | 1994-10-01T20:03:14Z | radio rx message

radio rx mode


00006940 | 1994-10-01T20:19:00Z

w1jfg in old days; biannual inspection coming up; last wednesday preparation; wednesday before someone dug up the mains and previously too busy; next wednesday preparation; wednesday after is the inspection; all nrn freqs; have been right down to bottom, in practice for 1992 competition; must be 52 52 keys [?]

00006941 | 1994-10-01T20:19:02Z | radio rx message

John G3LYW discusses 25, 52 and 89

He wonders where certain operators have got to, and mentions having heard from Toby (later MM0TSS) about his plans to study music in Edinburgh and then London.

00006c03.opus | 1994-10-01T20:22:37Z | radio | audio | alt

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006943 | 1994-10-01T22:00:02Z

[g4dba(?) de ?]

0000840f | 1994-10-01T22:00:04Z | radio rx message

[g4dba(?) de k1yet] was in reading, and to moors in south west england, on 2 visits to g-land

00006946 | 1994-10-01T22:00:07Z | radio rx message

[de n9hzq]

00008411 | 1994-10-01T22:00:12Z | radio rx message


0000694a | 1994-10-01T22:24:02Z | radio tx message

0000694b | 1994-10-01T22:24:04Z | radio tx message

[de ve2ail]

00008413 | 1994-10-01T22:24:06Z | radio rx message

radio rx mode


0000694e | 1994-10-01T22:35:02Z

ka3rte ka3rte ka3rte k

00006950 | 1994-10-01T22:35:06Z | radio rx message

w8dvi sk

00006952 | 1994-10-01T22:35:10Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006954 | 1994-10-01T22:42:02Z


00006955 | 1994-10-01T22:42:04Z | radio tx message

00006956 | 1994-10-01T22:42:06Z | radio tx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006957 | 1994-10-01T22:42:06Z

ik0xgn ge rombo b i v leicester t

00006959 | 1994-10-01T22:42:10Z | radio rx message

ors = pse my rpr

0000695a | 1994-10-01T22:42:12Z | radio rx message

ma roma roma

0000695b | 1994-10-01T22:42:14Z | radio rx message

[de ea7goj]

00008416 | 1994-10-01T23:04:00Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


0000695d | 1994-10-01T23:04:02Z

ra4cht pse

00006960 | 1994-10-01T23:04:06Z | radio rx message

[de dh8jn]

00008417 | 1994-10-01T23:04:08Z | radio rx message

cq de ea6abl ea6abl

00006963 | 1994-10-01T23:04:12Z | radio rx message

radio on/off


00006965 | 1994-10-01T23:17:02Z

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006966 | 1994-10-02T08:08:00Z

dx dx de hb9bqr

00006968 | 1994-10-02T08:08:04Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


0000696a | 1994-10-02T08:08:08Z

g4cwn fb jim tnx es 73 de g4oec tu ee

0000696c | 1994-10-02T08:08:12Z | radio rx message


0000696d | 1994-10-02T08:20:00Z | radio tx message

0vbc de g4oec g4oec k

0000696f | 1994-10-02T08:20:04Z | radio rx message

gw0vbc de g4oec fb gm matt es tnx for info = ur rst 579 579 qth holford holford in somerset es name mac mac ok? gw0vbc de g4oec kn

00006970 | 1994-10-02T08:20:06Z | radio rx message

de g4oec r fb, name mac mac mac = wl ur sigs percing 599 so guess most rf going up spout matt hee = hr rng 50w fm corsix es ant g5rv inv v d open feeder es apex 40ft, using h/ keyer = wx bit overcast/breezy = so hw gw0vbc de g4oec kn

00006971 | 1994-10-02T08:20:08Z | radio rx message

de g4oec fb matt welcome to the bands but something tells me your not new to cw? de g4oec kn

00006972 | 1994-10-02T08:20:10Z | radio rx message

de g4oec r ur fb matt, think u did it right, es hope u get lot enjoyment fm the hobby = wl ive got couple chores get done matt, so btr qrt and get em done to keep werce hee = tnx for qso es sure hope cuagn before too long, so hve fun 73 matt ar gw0vbc de g4oec k

00006973 | 1994-10-02T08:20:12Z | radio rx message

x matt 73 cu soon gm de g4oec sk tu ee

00006974 | 1994-10-02T08:20:14Z | radio rx message

[de dl3xk]

0000841b | 1994-10-02T08:58:02Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006979 | 1994-10-02T09:02:02Z

[de ea5bqs]

0000841c | 1994-10-02T09:02:04Z | radio rx message

ea5bqs ea5bqs gm dr om tnx fer call 56n 55n qth cartagena carnage name is rafael rafael ? dr gw0vbc de ea5bqs ar kn

0000697c | 1994-10-02T09:02:08Z | radio rx message

gw0vbc de ea5bqs ok ur bdrtatt brecon my qth is cartagena cartagena = my qsl is sure via buro tnx fer qso es rprt ?? pe cuagn 73 73 best dx dr matt gw0vbc de ea5bqs tu gb k tu e

0000697d | 1994-10-02T09:02:10Z | radio rx message

ok ur b dr matt d tnx fer all my 73 73 b e e sk tu ee

0000697e | 1994-10-02T09:02:12Z | radio rx message

radio rx mode


00006980 | 1994-10-02T09:09:02Z

[de ea6bh]

0000841f | 1994-10-02T09:09:06Z | radio rx message

[de eo50su]

00008420 | 1994-10-02T09:09:08Z | radio rx message

[g0ufw de eo50su] qth ivano-frankovsk, po box 97, zip 284000, ukraine

00006985 | 1994-10-02T09:09:11Z | radio rx message

g0ufw in rugby

00006986 | 1994-10-02T09:09:14Z | radio comment

[gw0vbc de sp4olu] name ernest; rst 43; qth bialystok; rig homemade tcvr; pwr 20w; ant gp vertical monobander

0000698b | 1994-10-02T09:17:05Z | radio rx message

rst 57

0000698a | 1994-10-02T09:17:06Z | radio comment

[de i7sea]

00008424 | 1994-10-02T09:17:12Z | radio rx message

[de g4ysn] rig ic-736; pwr 400w; ant 3 el yagi, elev 17m

0000698f | 1994-10-02T09:17:15Z | radio rx message

[de iv3ieu]

00008425 | 1994-10-02T09:33:00Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de iv3ieu] qth trieste, nw italy; name mau mau; rig ic-740; pwr 90w; ant gp, from usa, high gain; AV 88%; temp 19-20c; qrm very bad

00006993 | 1994-10-02T09:33:03Z | radio rx message

rst 58

00006992 | 1994-10-02T09:33:04Z | radio comment

[gw0vbc de df3rq] name hans; qth regensburg, s germany, 100km north of munich; rst 58; bit qsb; no problem; welcome and congratulations; rig kenwood ts-550sb; pwr 140w; ant 3 el yagi tribander 10/15/20, elev 14m, 3-5m over house; wx rain, bright, forecast sunny this afternoon; city 2000 years old, roman, pop 130000; pic of central regensburg, very old bridge and big church (over danube)

00006996 | 1994-10-02T09:39:01Z | radio rx message

rst 59+10

00006995 | 1994-10-02T09:39:02Z | radio comment

[de dl8utf]

00008427 | 1994-10-02T09:48:02Z | radio rx message


0000699a | 1994-10-02T09:50:02Z | radio tx message

[de ik4lmc]

00008429 | 1994-10-02T09:50:04Z | radio rx message

[de dl8utf] name reiner; qth cottbu...

0000699d | 1994-10-02T09:50:07Z | radio rx message

[de eo50su]

0000842a | 1994-10-02T09:50:10Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de eo50su]

0000842b | 1994-10-02T09:50:12Z | radio rx message

rst 59

000069a0 | 1994-10-02T09:50:14Z | radio comment

no sig, so i’ll make one up; 58

000069a1 | 1994-10-02T09:50:16Z | radio comment

[de vo1np] 35 norwegian families living in my town; i come on every day on 225 [3] at 0930

000069a4 | 1994-10-02T09:50:21Z | radio rx message

he can hear me, but i can’t get in

000069a5 | 1994-10-02T09:50:24Z | radio comment

used to be at millfield; visited sister at yeovil; another stay with gail, near guildford

000069a6 | 1994-10-02T09:50:26Z | radio rx message

FOZ qth

000069a8 | 1994-10-02T09:50:30Z | radio comment

[de la5wq]

0000842e | 1994-10-02T10:35:00Z | radio rx message

[de nl7j]

0000842f | 1994-10-02T10:35:02Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000069ac | 1994-10-02T10:35:06Z

radio rx mode


000069ad | 1994-10-02T10:35:08Z

[de ok2psj]

00008430 | 1994-10-02T10:35:10Z | radio rx message

radio rx mode


000069af | 1994-10-02T10:35:12Z

[de oe8gnk]

00008431 | 1994-10-02T10:35:14Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de oe8gnk] name gerald; qth ferndorf, 45 [km?] from italian border, austria; rig ft-890; pwr 100w; V F R7

000069b2 | 1994-10-02T10:35:17Z | radio rx message

[de cu1ax]

00008433 | 1994-10-02T10:35:22Z | radio rx message

[de i2xip]

00008434 | 1994-10-02T10:35:24Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000069b7 | 1994-10-02T10:35:28Z

[de it9kda]

00008435 | 1994-10-02T10:35:30Z | radio rx message

[de ur5xdb]

00008436 | 1994-10-02T10:35:32Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


000069ba | 1994-10-02T10:35:34Z

radio rx mode


000069bb | 1994-10-02T10:35:36Z

7mcc ec7adn ec7adn ec7adn kn

000069bd | 1994-10-02T11:06:02Z | radio rx message

ps k ? de ec1dih k

000069bf | 1994-10-02T11:06:06Z | radio rx message

ok = ur sdt rst rst 5 9 599 = my name is jou jou = my qth is vigo vigo = gw0v de ec1dih k

000069c1 | 1994-10-02T11:06:10Z | radio rx message

rst 56

000069c2 | 1994-10-02T11:06:12Z | radio comment

ec1dih gk ok gw0vbc gw0vbc de ec1dih wie ke pse rer t ? x = qsl is qsl is ok vi va via buro buro = gw0vbc de ec1dih k

000069c3 | 1994-10-02T11:06:14Z | radio rx message

rst 59

000069ca | 1994-10-02T11:06:15Z | radio comment

tnx fer qso 73 good dx c tnx fer qso ? gw0vbc de ex1dih 73 73 sk ee

000069c4 | 1994-10-02T11:06:16Z | radio rx message

rv6agp rv6agp k

000069c7 | 1994-10-02T11:25:04Z | radio rx message

gw0v? cg v? c de rv6agp k gd dr om = gld = ur rst rst is 559 559 55n b qtd qth is tikhorezk tikhorezk tikhorezk = my name name is yuri yuri yuri hw? gw0v? rv6agp pse k

000069c9 | 1994-10-02T11:25:08Z | radio rx message

gw0vbc de rv6agp ok = tu fb qso = my qsl is [...] = wx wx di = clou wid temp is 25c 25c = qru = luck good dx dx my vy 73 gl = gw0vbc de rv6agp gl gb tu tu ee gl gb tu ee

00006a8c | 1994-10-02T11:25:10Z | radio rx message

ok = gd dr om = gl [...] = ur rst is 579 579 = 57n fb fb ok = my qth qth is tikhorezk

00006a8d | 1994-10-02T11:25:12Z | radio rx message


00006a8e | 1994-10-02T11:25:14Z | radio comment

cq de oh9aar ? ? k

00006a91 | 1994-10-02T11:35:04Z | radio rx message

gw1vgi gw1vbc gw0vbc ? de oh9aar oh9aar = gd om es tnx fer call = ur rst 559 559 = name is anis anis k = qth qth is ivalo ivalo ivalo = ln hw? gw1vbc? de oh9aar kn

00006a93 | 1994-10-02T11:35:08Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006a94 | 1994-10-02T11:35:10Z | radio comment

gw0vbc de oh9aar = tnx fer rprt = my qth is ivalo ivalo ivalo = qri qso via buro = rig is f 01 es ant dipole = ur name name z? kn

00006a95 | 1994-10-02T11:35:12Z | radio rx message

r r gw0vbc de oh9aar = ok o = wbiw thiris nopst qris znvsk c = tnx fer k tnx fer qso es hpe cuagn = 73 73 73 gw0vbc de oh9aar g 7 i best u sk

00006a96 | 1994-10-02T11:35:14Z | radio rx message

tonato nato nato tona name is juan jua

00006a99 | 1994-10-02T11:50:04Z | radio rx message

qrl? qrl? cq de ec5cyq ec5cyq ec5cyq pse k ? ?

00006a9b | 1994-10-02T11:50:08Z | radio rx message

gde ea3

00006a9d | 1994-10-02T11:50:12Z | radio rx message

radio rx mode


00006a9f | 1994-10-02T11:50:16Z

[de rx6aoi]

0000843b | 1994-10-02T11:50:18Z | radio rx message

[de g4mrs]

0000843c | 1994-10-02T11:50:20Z | radio rx message

[de lz1zx]

0000843d | 1994-10-02T11:50:22Z | radio rx message

[de za1b]

0000843e | 1994-10-02T11:50:24Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de za1b] qth albania; name geni; qslm hb9bgn; rst 59; qth tirana

00006aa5 | 1994-10-02T11:50:27Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006aa6 | 1994-10-02T11:50:30Z | radio comment

[gw0vbc de lz1zx] rst 59; 020 (rsgb contest); name mitko; qth very little town, straldja, 80 km from black sea

00006aa9 | 1994-10-02T12:08:01Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006aa8 | 1994-10-02T12:08:02Z | radio comment

[de vp9kk]

00008440 | 1994-10-02T12:08:08Z | radio rx message

[g4mrs de vp9kk] temp 82f; blue skies; wife from manchester

00006aac | 1994-10-02T12:08:10Z | radio rx message

other station is club station in kent

00006aae | 1994-10-02T12:08:12Z | radio comment

[de rv3dex]

00008442 | 1994-10-02T12:08:16Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de rv3dex] rst 55; name oleg; qth near moscow

00006ab2 | 1994-10-02T12:08:19Z | radio rx message

rst 58

00006ab3 | 1994-10-02T12:08:22Z | radio comment

[gw0vbc de er2go] rst 55; qth republic of moldova, north of romania, south-west of ukraine, efi radio; homemade amp; pwr 100w; ant dipole 40m; wx 25c; name victor

00006ab5 | 1994-10-02T12:23:01Z | radio rx message

rst 58

00006ab6 | 1994-10-02T12:23:04Z | radio comment

[gw0vbc de sm6fjy] name yarl, qth west coast of sweden; rst 53; ant 4 el beam, az east; qth laholm laholm; wx 14c no wind, overcast

00006ab8 | 1994-10-02T12:25:01Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006abb | 1994-10-02T12:25:03Z | radio comment

[de ik3tch]

00008444 | 1994-10-02T12:25:06Z | radio rx message

[de sm6vao]

00008445 | 1994-10-02T12:34:00Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de sm6vao] name chris; qth gothenburg; rig ic-728; ant 5 el monoband; pwr 600w; amp drake l7 linear; wx cloudy, rain; yesterday marvellous skies but cold; now temp 12-15c; age 18 years; licensed for 5 months

00006b92 | 1994-10-02T12:34:03Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006b93 | 1994-10-02T12:34:06Z | radio comment

[gw0vbc de eo50ey] rst 59; qth republic of ukraine; special callsign for 50 years since liberation; qslm ur4eyt; don dnepro in world war two

00006b95 | 1994-10-02T12:34:09Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006b96 | 1994-10-02T12:34:12Z | radio comment

[de rv3dex]

00008447 | 1994-10-02T12:34:16Z | radio rx message

already got him

00006b99 | 1994-10-02T12:34:18Z | radio comment

[de 9h1de]

00008448 | 1994-10-02T12:34:20Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006b9b | 1994-10-02T12:34:22Z

radio rx mode


00006b9c | 1994-10-02T12:34:24Z

[de i5lh/qrp]

00008449 | 1994-10-02T12:34:26Z | radio rx message

cq de ec3abg ec3abg ec3abg

00006ba0 | 1994-10-02T12:34:30Z | radio rx message

r r sp3nud

00006ba1 | 1994-10-02T12:34:32Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006ba3 | 1994-10-02T12:34:36Z

radio rx mode


00006ba4 | 1994-10-02T12:34:38Z

[de n6ar]

0000844a | 1994-10-02T12:34:40Z | radio rx message

[de 9k2wa]

0000844b | 1994-10-02T12:34:42Z | radio rx message

[de eo50fi] qslm rb5ff

00006ba8 | 1994-10-02T12:34:45Z | radio rx message

[de la2pha]

0000844c | 1994-10-02T13:24:00Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de la2pha] name stene; qth lista; rst 57; pwr 100w; ant inv vee; hunting season; could not sleep; put up ant early; first welsh station

00006bab | 1994-10-02T13:24:03Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006bac | 1994-10-02T13:24:06Z | radio comment

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006bae | 1994-10-02T13:24:10Z

[de tk/ik2jeu]

0000844d | 1994-10-02T13:24:14Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006bfa | 1994-10-02T13:54:58Z

[de nc1u]

0000844e | 1994-10-02T13:55:00Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de nc1u] qth east massachusetts; name peter; qth near boston; rst 55; qsb; good audio; pwr 800w; ant 3el yagi, elev 20m

00006bb3 | 1994-10-02T13:55:03Z | radio rx message

rst 59+10

00006bb4 | 1994-10-02T13:55:06Z | radio comment

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006bfd | 1994-10-02T14:00:58Z

[gw0vbc de ik1lbl] name mario; qth near french border on mediterranean, 25km east of 3a2-land; rst 55; rig yaesu; ant 3el triband, az uk; pwr 300w; wx overcast, sometimes sun; temp 20c; qth 50m from beach; licensed in 1987; age 25 years

00006bb6 | 1994-10-02T14:01:01Z | radio rx message

rst 59+10

00006bb7 | 1994-10-02T14:01:04Z | radio comment

radio rx mode


00006bb9 | 1994-10-02T14:15:02Z

ea2coi k

00006bbc | 1994-10-02T14:15:08Z | radio rx message

bw1vbc? bw1vbc? de ea2coi gm gm tnx fer call. ur rst rst is 53n. my name name is eduardo. mhw? bw1vbc de ea2coi ar kn

00006bbe | 1994-10-02T14:15:12Z | radio rx message

r r gw0vbc de ea2coi ok dr om. is qsb qsb pse rprt r nw me na ?

00006bbf | 1994-10-02T14:15:14Z | radio rx message

ok my signal is 5nn. my pwr is 100w gp gp my age is 20 years. rig 120v. hw? gw0vbc de ea2coi ar kn

00006bc0 | 1994-10-02T14:15:16Z | radio rx message

r r gw0vbc de ea2coi. ok dr om pse rpt ur name name? my qsl qsl is ok via buro. ok ur age is 19 fb fb. i am since 1992 since since 92 e hw? gw0vbc de ea2coi kn

00006bc1 | 1994-10-02T14:15:18Z | radio rx message

r r gw0vbc de ea2coi. ok dr watt hi is mny mny qsb ur signal is now down. but i understand sometimes. the wx wx here is fine is 20c 20c es sunny today. tnx fer nice qso. i hope to meet you agn. best 73 and dx dr watt. qru qru? gw0vbc de ea2coi ar kn

00006bc2 | 1994-10-02T14:15:20Z | radio rx message

r r gw0vbc de ea2coi ok dr matt excuse excuse me dr matt. es ok ur cw is fb fb. im student of engineering. wy n n tnx fer the is nice nice qso qso ok dr matt. hasta la vista dr matt 73 gw0vbc de ea2coi. ar sk tu e e

00006bc3 | 1994-10-02T14:15:22Z | radio rx message

r r r dr matt anyway i can not vic e y principia n t in the cw world [...] rry my i n experience. 73 73 sk tu e e

00006bc4 | 1994-10-02T14:15:24Z | radio rx message

radio rx mode


00006bc6 | 1994-10-02T14:46:02Z

[de va3wto] name rui; qth toronto

00006bc9 | 1994-10-02T14:47:03Z | radio rx message

2941 [?]

00006bca | 1994-10-02T14:47:06Z | radio comment

[de nc1u]

00008454 | 1994-10-02T14:47:07Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006bff | 1994-10-02T14:47:09Z

[de w8sep]

00008455 | 1994-10-02T14:47:10Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de w8sep] qth michigan, 100km east of bay city; rst 53; name len; ant 6el triband, elev 30m; pwr 90w (barefoot); rig tentec rv6; wx very nice, sunny, no clouds, cold; temp 1c

00006bce | 1994-10-02T14:47:13Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006bcf | 1994-10-02T14:47:16Z | radio comment

Len W8SEP congratulates me

He is surprised by my simple setup and congratulates me for getting my licence.

00006c06.opus | 1994-10-02T14:47:18Z | radio | audio | alt

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006c00 | 1994-10-02T14:58:02Z

[de ea8byo]

00008456 | 1994-10-02T15:05:02Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006bd4 | 1994-10-02T15:05:06Z

[de 9k2zz]

00008457 | 1994-10-02T16:18:00Z | radio rx message

[gw0vbc de 9k2zz] rst 59; name bob

00006bd7 | 1994-10-02T16:18:03Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006bd8 | 1994-10-02T16:18:06Z | radio comment

massive net chasing him

00006bda | 1994-10-02T16:23:02Z | radio comment

[de ux0zz]

00008459 | 1994-10-02T16:23:04Z | radio rx message

[de eo50fi]

0000845a | 1994-10-02T16:23:06Z | radio rx message

callsign is based on ‘fascist’

00006bdd | 1994-10-02T16:23:08Z | radio comment

[de gw3nxr]

0000845b | 1994-10-02T16:23:10Z | radio rx message

just audible

his 2008-04-21 record gives his location as carmarthen

00006bdf | 1994-10-02T16:23:12Z | radio comment

[de yo7kaj]

0000845c | 1994-10-02T16:23:14Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006be2 | 1994-10-02T16:23:18Z

[de sv/wy3v]

0000845d | 1994-10-02T16:23:20Z | radio rx message

[de oe6nkg] name norbert; qth graz

00006be5 | 1994-10-02T16:23:23Z | radio rx message

[de s53y2]

0000845e | 1994-10-02T16:23:26Z | radio rx message

[de i5fwt]

0000845f | 1994-10-02T16:23:28Z | radio rx message

radio on/off


00006be9 | ? 1994-10-02T23:59:54Z ?

radio tx callsign


00006bea | ? 1994-10-02T23:59:56Z ?


00006beb | ? 1994-10-02T23:59:58Z ?
matthew tidball, z97, audio clip