00006e54 | ? 2001-06-14T14:00:00Z ?

handyman toby

00006e52.jpg | ? 2001-06-14T15:00:00Z ? | radio | photo


00006e59 | ? 2001-06-15T14:00:00Z ?

toby and the broken mast; hoping to improve on the rickety mast we had used the previous july, we had bought a lot of sturdy wood in edinburgh and brought it across scotland to hammer together on the day; while i suppose we achieved a result taller than before, it was doomed to break under the strain of being erected

00006e57.jpg | ? 2001-06-15T15:00:00Z ? | radio | photo

toby slings a line through the canopy

00006e5b.jpg | ? 2001-06-15T15:30:00Z ? | radio | photo

radio rx antenna azimuth (f-min) (deg)


00006f4f | ? 2001-06-15T17:00:00Z ?

radio rx antenna elevation


00006f50 | ? 2001-06-15T17:00:00Z ?

radio rx antenna length/perimeter


00006f51 | ? 2001-06-15T17:00:00Z ?

radio tx power (w)


00006f52 | ? 2001-06-15T17:00:00Z ?

radio tx callsign


00006f53 | ? 2001-06-15T17:00:00Z ?

radio rx rig


00006f54 | ? 2001-06-15T17:00:00Z ?

radio rx rig name


0000a8c5 | 2001-06-15T17:00:01Z

radio on/off


00006f55 | 2001-06-15T19:15:00Z

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006f56 | 2001-06-15T19:15:02Z

radio rx mode


00006f57 | 2001-06-15T19:15:03Z

[de k1dlt]

000084a4 | 2001-06-15T19:15:05Z | radio rx message

[gm0vbc de k1dlt] name marv; rst 56; qth stanford, new york; pwr 500w; ant 3 el yagi

00006f59 | 2001-06-15T19:15:07Z | radio rx message

rst 50

00006f5a | 2001-06-15T19:15:09Z | radio comment

[gm0vbc de k1dlt]

000084a5 | 2001-06-15T19:38:58Z | radio rx message

radio operator


00006f5b | 2001-06-15T19:40:00Z

[gm0vbc de ja1nvf] name kit; qth 60km s tokyo; rst 55

00006f5d | 2001-06-15T19:40:03Z | radio rx message

rst 51

00006f5e | 2001-06-15T19:40:06Z | radio comment

radio operator


00006f5f | 2001-06-15T19:45:00Z

[gm0vbc de ua4lm] name val; rst 59+10

00006f61 | 2001-06-15T19:45:03Z | radio rx message

rst 59+10

00006f62 | 2001-06-15T19:45:06Z | radio comment

[gm0vbc de os2ram] name regis; rst 56; special callsign for club anniversary; qslm on4lt

00006f64 | 2001-06-15T19:55:01Z | radio rx message

rst 56

00006f65 | 2001-06-15T19:55:04Z | radio comment

[gm0vbc de os2ram]

000084a6 | 2001-06-15T20:00:00Z | radio rx message


00006f67 | 2001-06-15T20:00:02Z | radio tx message

radio operator


00006f68 | 2001-06-15T20:00:04Z

[gm0vbc de yo8cok] rst 58; name dan; qth n romania

00006f6b | 2001-06-15T20:00:07Z | radio rx message

rst 53

00006f6a | 2001-06-15T20:00:08Z | radio comment

[gm0vbc de yo8cok]

000084a7 | 2001-06-15T20:04:58Z | radio rx message

radio operator


00006f6c | 2001-06-15T20:05:00Z

[gm0vbc de ea5aw] name jose; temp 26.7c; qth los alcazares 50m

00006f6e | 2001-06-15T20:05:03Z | radio rx message

[gm0vbc de yu1dkl] rst 59; qth central yugoslavia; name aki; pwr 100w; rig ts830s; ant 3 el beam

00006f71 | 2001-06-15T20:10:01Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006f70 | 2001-06-15T20:10:02Z | radio comment

rst 57

00006f73 | 2001-06-15T20:15:02Z | radio comment

rst 59+; name tony; club station; ‘24 hours radio’; rig ft707; ant dipole; lbi in alicante; lots of factories in city; own call ea5fif

00006f74 | 2001-06-15T20:15:04Z | radio rx message

[gm0vbc de g0ebd] rst 57; qth shrewsbury; name malcolm

00006f77 | 2001-06-15T20:25:01Z | radio rx message

rst 57

00006f76 | 2001-06-15T20:25:02Z | radio comment

[gm0vbc de ta1fa] name suat; qth istanbul; rst 59

00006f79 | 2001-06-15T21:00:01Z | radio rx message

rst 57

00006f7a | 2001-06-15T21:00:04Z | radio comment

[de 4x4fj]

000084a9 | 2001-06-15T21:15:02Z | radio rx message

[de k1qs]

000084aa | 2001-06-15T21:30:00Z | radio rx message

[gm0vbc de k1qs] name walt; pwr 1kw; ant 4 el yagi; qth maine; rst 5?

00006f7f | 2001-06-15T21:30:03Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006f80 | 2001-06-15T21:30:06Z | radio comment

[gm0vbc de r6/ux7im/p] qslm ur3ifd; rst 59

00006f82 | 2001-06-15T21:35:01Z | radio rx message

rst 57

00006f83 | 2001-06-15T21:35:04Z | radio comment

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006f85 | 2001-06-15T21:55:02Z

radio rx mode


00006f86 | 2001-06-15T21:55:04Z


00006f87 | 2001-06-15T21:55:06Z | radio comment

[de g0ljt]

000084ab | 2001-06-15T21:55:08Z | radio rx message

[gm0vbc de g0ljt] rst 59+; name sam; qth solihull

00006f89 | 2001-06-15T21:55:10Z | radio rx message

rst 59+

00006f8a | 2001-06-15T21:55:12Z | radio comment

[gm0vbc de g4kzh] rst 59+; qth evesham; name ray

00006f8c | 2001-06-15T21:55:15Z | radio rx message


00006f8d | 2001-06-15T21:55:18Z | radio comment

[gm0vbc de g0hnd] rst 58; qth high wycombe, bucks; name tony

00006f90 | 2001-06-15T21:55:21Z | radio rx message

rst 58

00006f8f | 2001-06-15T21:55:22Z | radio comment

[gm0vbc de g4ltr] rst 58; name jack; qth 20 miles north of new forest

00006f93 | 2001-06-15T21:55:27Z | radio rx message

rst 58

00006f92 | 2001-06-15T21:55:28Z | radio comment

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006f95 | 2001-06-15T22:30:02Z

radio rx mode


00006f96 | 2001-06-15T22:30:03Z

[de pr7db]

000084ac | 2001-06-15T22:30:05Z | radio rx message

he only just heard us

00006f98 | 2001-06-15T22:30:07Z | radio comment

[gm0vbc de pr7db] qth ne brazil

00006f99 | 2001-06-15T22:30:07Z | radio rx message


00006f9b | 2001-06-15T22:40:02Z | radio tx message

[gm0vbc de kg4hju] qth western north carolina; name kee; good audio; qth blue ridge mountains; wx thunderstorms; rst 57

00006f9d | 2001-06-15T22:40:05Z | radio rx message

rst 53

00006f9e | 2001-06-15T22:40:08Z | radio comment

radio operator


00006fa0 | 2001-06-15T23:15:02Z

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006fa1 | 2001-06-15T23:15:04Z

[de lu6gb]

000084af | 2001-06-15T23:15:06Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006fa3 | 2001-06-15T23:15:08Z | radio comment

[gm0vbc de lu6gb] rst 59; name joe; qth chaco, north argentina; rig ts850s; ant 4 el triband, elev 60ft; pwr 140w

00006fa4 | 2001-06-15T23:15:08Z | radio rx message

[gm0vbc de 8r1rpn] rst 59; qth guyana

00006fa7 | 2001-06-16T00:45:01Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006fa6 | 2001-06-16T00:45:02Z | radio comment

radio operator


00006fa9 | 2001-06-16T09:00:02Z

[gm0vbc de vk5qg] name george; qth south australia, gawler, 25 miles from adelaide; rst 20

00006fab | 2001-06-16T09:00:05Z | radio rx message

rst 56

00006fac | 2001-06-16T09:00:08Z | radio comment

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006fad | 2001-06-16T11:20:00Z

radio rx mode


00006fae | 2001-06-16T11:20:01Z

[de gb4wtc]

000084b1 | 2001-06-16T11:20:03Z | radio rx message

[gm0vbc de gb4wtc] name dave; qth willenhall; town carnival; rst 58; wx overcast

00006fb1 | 2001-06-16T11:20:05Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006fb2 | 2001-06-16T11:20:07Z | radio comment

radio operator


00006fb4 | 2001-06-16T11:25:02Z

[gm0vbc de gb0ac] rst 57; arctic corsair; qth hull; name dave

00006fb7 | 2001-06-16T11:25:05Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006fb6 | 2001-06-16T11:25:06Z | radio comment

radio operator


00006fb8 | 2001-06-16T11:35:02Z

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006fba | 2001-06-16T11:35:04Z

radio rx mode


00006fcd | 2001-06-16T11:35:05Z

[de dk8lg]

000084b4 | 2001-06-16T11:35:06Z | radio rx message

[gm0vbc de dk8lg] rst 55; name frank; qth magdeburg

00006fbc | 2001-06-16T11:35:08Z | radio rx message

qsb; rst 53

00006fbd | 2001-06-16T11:35:10Z | radio comment

[gm0vbc de pp8zpa] brazil

00006fbf | 2001-06-16T11:47:01Z | radio rx message

rst 50

00006fc0 | 2001-06-16T11:47:04Z | radio comment

radio operator


00006fc2 | 2001-06-16T12:58:02Z

[gm0vbc de n8ii] rst 53; name jeff; qth sheperdstown, west virginia; pwr 1kw; ant 5 el yagi

00006fc5 | 2001-06-16T12:58:05Z | radio rx message

rst 53

00006fc4 | 2001-06-16T12:58:06Z | radio comment

[gm0vbc de n8ii]

000084b6 | 2001-06-16T13:10:00Z | radio rx message

radio operator


00006fc7 | 2001-06-16T13:10:02Z


00006fc8 | 2001-06-16T13:10:04Z | radio tx message

toby looks out to sea; ganavan in the background; note the feedline entering the tent

00006e6c.jpg | 2001-06-16T13:30:00Z | radio | photo

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006fc9 | 2001-06-16T16:12:00Z

[de dl3lg]

000084b7 | 2001-06-16T16:12:02Z | radio rx message

[gm0vbc de dl3lg] qth stuttgart; rst 59; national kids day; lydia 12 years old

00006fcb | 2001-06-16T16:12:04Z | radio rx message

rst 59

00006fcc | 2001-06-16T16:12:06Z | radio comment

[gm0vbc de w8ad/7] name don; qth arizona; rst 59+5; rig ic756pro

00006fd1 | 2001-06-16T16:24:01Z | radio rx message

rst 59+10

00006fd2 | 2001-06-16T16:24:04Z | radio comment

toby emerges from the cooking area with some sustenance; silke’s tent and car behind him; the wire in the top-left of the picture is probably our antenna

00006e6f.jpg | 2001-06-16T16:45:00Z | radio | photo

silke and toby drink wine

00006e76.jpg | 2001-06-16T17:30:00Z | radio | photo

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006fd4 | 2001-06-16T21:15:02Z

[de ea6aw]

000084b8 | 2001-06-16T21:15:04Z | radio rx message

rst 58

00006fd6 | 2001-06-16T21:15:06Z | radio comment

[gm0vbc de ea6aw] rst 58; qth palma, capital of balearic islands; name mat; ant ground plane for 10m

00006fd7 | 2001-06-16T21:15:06Z | radio rx message

That’s excellent - nice to remind oneself of the trip. I am sure you gave me a duplicate set of prints - I shall look them out. Really is a shame that particular site is no more. We certainly struck lucky with the facility to string the doublet. I think it was roughly 100m long - does that ring true with your memory? I seem to recall we each bought a length of wire from Westlake on a cardboard drum. I thought it was 100m each. That would suggest about 90m and around 10m open wire feeder.

We had a 160m QSO with Tommy late on the Saturday night. I seem to remember that the QSO was resurrected by GM4DTH and GM4DCL round 00:30 on the Sunday morning but I was too tired to get out of my sleeping bag and join in - something I now regret! GM4DTH would have just got in from the usual Saturday night beers. In those days the beers were had in a place called The Royal Ettrick Hotel (meeting place of Lothians Radio Society). Nowadays we use The Golden Rule or "Little" Bennett’s aka The Farting Dog!

this comment by toby in an email on 2008-05-23

000070ca | 2001-06-16T22:00:01Z | radio comment

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006fd9 | 2001-06-16T22:00:02Z

radio rx mode


00006fda | 2001-06-16T22:00:04Z

[de gm4dcl]

000084b9 | 2001-06-16T22:00:06Z | radio rx message

[gm0vbc de gm4dcl] name tommy; qth edinburgh; rst 59

00006fdc | 2001-06-16T22:00:08Z | radio rx message

rst 59+20

00006fdd | 2001-06-16T22:00:10Z | radio comment

[gm0vbc de gm4dcl]

000084ba | 2001-06-16T23:00:00Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006fdf | 2001-06-17T08:55:00Z

radio rx mode


00006fe0 | 2001-06-17T08:55:02Z

[de ja3boa]

000084bb | 2001-06-17T08:55:04Z | radio rx message

[gm0vbc de ja3boa] rst 56; name hideo; qth kobe; temp 31c; ant 5 el yagi; pwr 200w

00006fe2 | 2001-06-17T08:55:06Z | radio rx message

rst 56

00006fe3 | 2001-06-17T08:55:08Z | radio comment

toby prepares another hearty breakfast for us; mull in the distance, beyond that beautiful blue water

00006e9a.jpg | ? 2001-06-17T09:00:00Z ? | photo

retrieving the end of the doublet from the gorsy mount

00006e9d.jpg | ? 2001-06-17T10:00:00Z ? | photo


0000711c | ? 2001-06-17T10:59:58Z ?


00006ea2.jpg | ? 2001-06-17T11:00:00Z ? | photo

radio rx frequency (mhz)


00006fe5 | 2001-06-18T10:13:02Z

[de pa0gwo]

000084bc | 2001-06-18T10:13:04Z | radio rx message

[gm0vbc de pa0gwo] name gerrit; qth nuenen, near eindhoven; rst 57

00006fe7 | 2001-06-18T10:13:06Z | radio rx message

rst 56

00006fe8 | 2001-06-18T10:13:08Z | radio comment

radio on/off


00006fec | ? 2001-06-18T23:59:54Z ?

radio tx callsign


00006fe9 | ? 2001-06-18T23:59:56Z ?

radio rx rig


00006fea | ? 2001-06-18T23:59:56Z ?

radio tx power (w)


00006feb | ? 2001-06-18T23:59:56Z ?

radio rx antenna transmatch

toby’s mfj unit (probably not the best balun performance) (not that the antenna deserved anything special)

00009d8b | 2001-06-18T23:59:56Z


00006ea0 | ? 2001-06-18T23:59:58Z ?
matthew tidball, g0vbc, still photograph