radio rx frequency (mhz)

5.450 (5.450045)

00009cec | 2011-11-26T12:00:53Z

radio on/off


00009ceb | 2011-11-26T12:00:55Z

acf/ccf national radio network exercise christmas cracker begins

00009d18 | 2011-11-26T14:00:00Z | radio comment

radio rx frequency (mhz)

4.920 (4.920041)

00009cd7 | 2011-11-26T14:21:47Z

99b radio check; funny voice in reply; it sounds like ‘20c’

00009cd8 | 2011-11-26T14:22:37Z | radio comment

de 99b; nc; qsy lt

00009cd9 | 2011-11-26T14:39:47Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)

4.858 (4.858040)

00009cda | 2011-11-26T14:40:41Z

14b radio check; funny voice in reply; it sounds like ‘20c’

00009cdb | 2011-11-26T14:40:42Z | radio comment

de 94a; qsy gu

00009cdc | 2011-11-26T14:52:19Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)

4.550 (4.550038)

00009cdd | 2011-11-26T14:54:20Z

de 99b; nc; qsy vh

00009cde | 2011-11-26T14:57:24Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)

4.550 (4.550038)

00009cdf | 2011-11-26T14:58:58Z

radio rx frequency (mhz)

5.808 (5.808048)

00009ce0 | 2011-11-26T15:09:17Z

[82d] de 54b; unw; qsy bp

00009ce1 | 2011-11-26T15:10:20Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)

5.808 (5.808048)

00009ce2 | 2011-11-26T15:13:29Z

radio rx frequency (mhz)

4.550 (4.550038)

00009ce3 | 2011-11-26T15:15:33Z

new frequency for me

00009cf0 | 2011-11-26T15:19:19Z | radio comment

47a, 80c de n79a; qsy lt

00009ce4 | 2011-11-26T15:25:28Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)

4.858 (4.858040)

00009ce5 | 2011-11-26T15:26:07Z

radio rx frequency (mhz)

5.345 (5.345045)

00009ce6 | 2011-11-26T15:28:01Z

radio rx frequency (mhz)

5.808 (5.808048)

00009ce7 | 2011-11-26T15:28:50Z

97b, nmrf26 and mro44 all strong on a dreamy frequency

00009ce8 | 2011-11-26T15:31:14Z | radio comment

Net close — net start

NMRF26 closes one net — 82D begins another (and then fades out). Exercise Christmas Cracker 2011.

00009d20.opus | 2011-11-26T15:33:46Z | radio acf/ccf national radio network, radio | audio | alt

[de 82d]; list; 82d, 48a, 31a, 97b, 14b

00009ce9 | 2011-11-26T15:35:00Z | radio rx message

radio on/off


00009cea | 2011-11-26T15:47:49Z

radio on/off


00009ced | 2011-11-27T06:49:38Z

radio rx frequency (mhz)

5.808 (5.808048)

00009cee | 2011-11-27T06:49:48Z

radio rx frequency (mhz)

4.440 (4.440037)

00009cef | 2011-11-27T07:02:30Z

new frequency for me

00009cf1 | 2011-11-27T07:02:32Z | radio comment

14b de 48a; permission to request... permission to send traffic; over

00009cf2 | 2011-11-27T07:23:32Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)

4.920 (4.920041)

00009cf3 | 2011-11-27T08:07:10Z

de 14b; qsy mr

00009cf4 | 2011-11-27T08:11:38Z | radio rx message

The missing second letter

A net in which 54B cannot hear the second letter of 20C’s message. He repeats it many times, without success. Eventually, control station N70A puts 54B out of his misery. Repeated interference from stations not on net. Exercise Christmas Cracker 2011.

00009d21.opus | 2011-11-27T08:13:21Z | radio acf/ccf national radio network, radio | audio | alt

radio rx frequency (mhz)

4.858 (4.858040)

00009cf5 | 2011-11-27T08:13:22Z

[de n70a] qsy cx

00009cf7 | 2011-11-27T08:20:42Z | radio rx message

that net was quite amusing; 54b could not read the second letter of 20c’s message, so 20c repeated it many times; eventually, control station n70a helped out; repeated interference from stations not on net

00009cf6 | 2011-11-27T08:21:05Z | radio comment

radio rx frequency (mhz)

4.920 (4.920041)

00009cf8 | 2011-11-27T08:21:36Z

the old ‘my message to you reads’ has reappeared since the summer exercise

00009cf9 | 2011-11-27T08:23:23Z | radio comment

20C and 70A start playing up

I used to get this way after a long nocturnal stint on the radio. Even the croak in 70A’s voice sounds familiar. 70A affects a northern accent to call 99B. Exercise Christmas Cracker 2011.

00009d22.opus | 2011-11-27T08:25:03Z | radio acf/ccf national radio network, radio | audio | alt

20c starts playing up, followed by 70a; i used to get that way after a long nocturnal stint on the radio; even the croak in 70a’s voice sounds familiar; 70a affects a northern accent to call 99b

00009cfa | 2011-11-27T08:25:13Z | radio comment

de n48a; nc; qsy vy

00009cfb | 2011-11-27T08:34:03Z | radio rx message

de 70a; vy not preferred; qsy mr

00009cfc | 2011-11-27T08:34:20Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)

4.858 (4.858040)

00009cfd | 2011-11-27T08:34:40Z

another camp message from 20c

00009cfe | 2011-11-27T08:39:23Z | radio comment

[de 20c] qsy mr

00009cff | 2011-11-27T08:45:07Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)

4.858 (4.858040)

00009d00 | 2011-11-27T08:45:27Z

70A asks to send his traffic first

He has to go to breakfast. Exercise Christmas Cracker 2011.

00009d23.opus | 2011-11-27T08:48:13Z | radio acf/ccf national radio network | audio | alt

radio rx frequency (mhz)

5.345 (5.345045)

00009d01 | 2011-11-27T08:48:16Z

n41b de 70a; i got to go to breakfast; request to send traffic first

00009d02 | 2011-11-27T08:48:19Z | radio rx message

70a continues to talk to 99b in a northern accent

00009d03 | 2011-11-27T08:50:23Z | radio comment

70a asks to go to breakfast, but he has forgotten about 20c; 20c lets him know and then 70a sends him a message

00009d04 | 2011-11-27T08:51:48Z | radio comment

de 41b; qsy vl

00009d05 | 2011-11-27T08:59:38Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)

4.550 (4.550038)

00009d06 | 2011-11-27T09:00:34Z

de 99b; net in progress; qsy rq

00009d07 | 2011-11-27T09:01:21Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)

5.808 (5.808048)

00009d08 | 2011-11-27T09:02:12Z

54b’s signal drops out shortly after commencing transmission (not for the first time)

00009d09 | 2011-11-27T09:10:33Z | radio comment

[de 41b] nc; qsy mr

00009d0a | 2011-11-27T09:16:36Z | radio rx message

de n47a; rc

00009d0b | 2011-11-27T09:29:23Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)

5.808 (5.808048)

00009d0c | 2011-11-27T09:41:07Z

radio on/off


00009d0d | 2011-11-27T09:45:20Z

radio on/off


00009d0e | 2011-11-27T12:33:14Z

radio rx frequency (mhz)

4.858 (4.858040)

00009d0f | 2011-11-27T13:53:36Z

33b de 82d; nc; qsy rq

00009d10 | 2011-11-27T13:54:00Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)

5.808 (5.808048)

00009d11 | 2011-11-27T13:54:41Z

33b de 82d; nc; qsy fu

00009d12 | 2011-11-27T13:56:06Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)

5.808 (5.808048)

00009d13 | 2011-11-27T13:56:41Z

acf/ccf national radio network exercise christmas cracker ends

00009d19 | 2011-11-27T14:00:00Z | radio comment

31a de mro11; negative traffic; end of exercise

00009d14 | 2011-11-27T14:01:09Z | radio rx message

de 31a; nc; end of ex; out

00009d15 | 2011-11-27T14:01:17Z | radio rx message

radio rx frequency (mhz)

00009d16 | 2011-11-27T14:01:47Z

radio on/off


00009d17 | 2011-11-27T14:03:23Z


matthew munro

00009cd6 | 2011-11-29T11:48:00Z


00009ca3 | 2011-11-30T09:11:45Z | photography g2_time_diff


00009d59 | ? 2011-12-24T09:30:00Z ?


00009d5a | ? 2011-12-25T14:30:00Z ?

John, Paul and Paul at Café Rouge

00009d51.jpg | 2011-12-25T14:41:52Z | photo


00009d5b | ? 2011-12-25T17:40:00Z ?


00009d5c | ? 2011-12-27T23:59:58Z ?


00009d32 | 2011-12-29T09:21:20Z | photography g2_time_diff


00009d5d | ? 2012-01-01T11:00:00Z ?


00009d5e | ? 2012-01-01T14:10:00Z ?

Severn Valley Railway charmlessness

As the train leaves Bewdley for Bridgnorth, the guard says to the platform, “Come on, ladies. Smile. Look as though you’re enjoying it.” After what might be an astonished pause, Paul remarks, “that continues the theme of charmlessness amongst the staff of this particular set.”

Indeed, our first ticket inspector had been a rather stooped youth with a manner not unlike that of the daughter’s boyfriend in ‘Lead Balloon’. Regardless of the possibility that we were actually first class passengers, his question upon entering our compartment had been whether Pa knew that a surcharge was due for travelling first class. This amused us, since Pa wore his ‘Compo’ hat, but was poor form.

Part of the attraction of a railway like this is the ability to enjoy things as they used to be. This includes the standards adopted by staff, even if they are volunteers these days. We modern passengers might not deserve any better, but guards and other personnel might at least try.

00009d55.webm | 2012-01-01T14:14:09Z | video | alt

Paul and Jean watch the arriving train

The train approaches from Bridgnorth.

00009d57.webm | 2012-01-01T16:07:58Z | video | alt

Paul looks down the platform at Bewdley station

00009d53.jpg | 2012-01-01T16:17:32Z | photo


severn valley railway

00009d5f | ? 2012-01-01T16:23:00Z ?


severn valley railway

00009d60 | ? 2012-01-01T18:30:00Z ?


00009d50 | 2012-01-05T16:00:51Z | photography g2_time_diff

It has been a long time since I have bothered to share my thoughts. Once in a while I would think of something that I would like to enter in my blog, but then I would neglect it. I still have interesting dreams from time to time — just enough to keep me sane, I suppose — but I don’t feel the need to share them. Most of them do not seem miraculous; just fantasies derived from my real-life experience of the day before. They’re still great though.

Dave was due on KCSM (or whatever it’s called) this morning at 7. I have often risen well in advance of that time, but in Ma and Pa’s absence I have been enjoying some modest lying-in.


A quick break there. For the first time, I am drying clothes in front of the stove. Vacuuming later.

For some days, a small flock of redwings has been working on the holly. They had polished off Gran and Gramps’ tree long before Christmas (not to mention the pigeons).

There is not much happening in my radio life at the moment, but my next kite idea is to try a vee beam.

Ah! After several months of blog neglect, I made a list of things I might have documented. I’ll just take a look...

The fig survived, after all. It is still in a lousy place, and signs of life have been slight.

I was awake for Ma and Pa’s departure for Portugal in early October. In fact, I had a lot of time to stand in the yard, enjoying a sky of wondrous clarity. Ma and Pa were impressed too.

While they were away, one of my highlights was a beautiful Sikh man in Chapel Ash on my way to town. He wore a light blue turban and was divinely serene. I have seen him since in West Park, when he made less of an impression but was still interesting.

And then came tragedy. As I chopped sticks in the pear tree corner of the yard, a goldfinch flew headlong into the garden room doors and died. Since then, the sight of two goldfinches on the nyjer seeds over the pond has become less common.

The last thing in that list occurred since Ma and Pa’s Portugal break. It was Sean Connery’s smile in ‘Doctor No’. Looking like he had wind or something worse, it was about as convincing as Gordon Brown’s.

I finally got around to watching ‘Dances With Wolves’ last night. I really enjoyed it, and have to wonder how it took me so long to set aside the three hours required.

I sense it was more than last night’s film that provoked me to make this entry, but nothing else will come at the moment. Happy new year, everyone!

P.S. Just a couple of food-related thoughts. I was not going to mention that I used the last of the curry sauce from the freezer the other day, but just now I thought of Ma’s latest soup. Having some spare cabbage and a few other bits and bobs, she made a splendid soup which reminded me of Gran’s old leek and potato. It was my first taste of cabbage in a long time, and might not be my last.

00009d61 | 2012-01-08T09:22:03Z

I haven’t said anything about Christmas.

We arrived at Gran and Gramps’ at lunchtime on Christmas Eve, after a pretty journey through naked fields. Ma and Pa went on to visit Jess and Mervyn, while I stoked up on stew and toast. And then we joined the gathering at the flat. The place was busy with decorations and food for normal people. Jessica had also bought some flapjacks for me, but I was already well fed. Pear juice was my tipple, served from a tall jug. There was a fine view of a winter sky beyond leafless trees; thick, drifting, misty cloud.

Gran and Gramps’ sitting room was as stifling as ever, so I spent a lot of time elsewhere, until open doors became the norm, late on Christmas Day. And then I began to play the piano. Or was that Boxing Day? Yes, I think so. A long session, after the rugby.

At bedtime, I did some listening to the CW end of the 40 metre band on my little bedside tranny. I heard TM8SOE calling ‘CQ QRP’ on Christmas Eve, K1LZ on Christmas morning and what must have been a sprint between 10 and 11 on Boxing Day. The mass of traffic dropped off so suddenly at 11 o’clock that I thought my radio had switched itself off.

Christmas Day exceeded expectations. Pa collected us and we met Ma, John and Paul at Saint David’s Hotel, for a pre-meal drink. On our way out, Gramps and I had a go on the keyboard that a guy called Ian had been playing in the foyer.

As we began battling through the grey landscape against gusty winds, we looked back into the hotel at people queueing up at a servery for twice the price of the meal we were about to have at Café Rouge.

Not many of the staff at Café Rouge turned out to be French — there was a Pakistani and a cute blonde Pole in a blue dress and other exotic stuff — but the atmosphere was very warm and welcoming. The drink went down well, and everyone seemed well pleased with the pre-ordered food. My lobster bisque was cheesy and good, followed by a good plate of turkey, spuds, parsnips and sprouts with plentiful veg in dishes. Pa was very impressed with his thick lamb steak. I only ate half of the tarte tatin I had ordered — it did not suit me — but that too was very good. I did not get my wish for Chartreuse at coffee time (John and Paul’s treat) — nor was there any Strega — so I settled for a Ricard, while the boys on the other side of the table tucked into their coffees and large Cognacs.

The staff booked us a taxi, in which Gran and Gramps gave John and Paul a lift home, but not before we had waited in the wind and rain for a while. Until we had the good idea to stand in a doorway, I tried to shelter the hatless Gran from the gale by standing behind her.

We returned from Cardiff late on the 27th, after a visit to Naomi’s house, where I played an out-of-tune piano that apparently Violet had been tentatively learning.

We eventually had a ‘proper’ Christmas lunch on New Year’s Eve. Pa cooked a chicken, I prepared the sprouts, carrots and parsnips for roasting with the meat, while Ma had made bread sauce and leeks au gratin the day before. I grilled the gratin just right this year. As last year, I had champagne, a little white and a little red. The overall effect was splendid. And then we opened presents by the stove.

The Severn Valley Railway on New Year’s Day has become something of a tradition, and we enjoyed this one. I bought the beer — a little gesture to reflect my high opinion of both our Christmas lunches. We had a couple of Bathams at Kidderminster, except Pa, whose second pint was of something else. The Bathams was very good, but not the way we like it. As we often say, Bathams is usually good but rarely the same as the time before. And then my first time at the Bailiff’s at Bewdley, where Ma and Pa had dined before. It’s the place that the guy opened to cook stuff that his daughter can eat (gluten-free, I suppose). They had Purity Ubu and Mad Goose; we had the latter, and it was as good as usual. Before leaving Bewdley, Ma and Pa had cones of chips from the Merchant Fish Bar, while this time I went for the next size up. They were very good. And then we returned to Bridgnorth in a heated compartment, which was nice. Some of the staff had been rather odd, but who are we to complain?

00009d62 | 2012-01-10T09:35:22Z

I have given some thought to that new kite-portable antenna I mentioned. Since I do not intend to pursue it imminently, I will dump my findings here.

I began looking at the vee beam in its traditional mode, i.e. sloping from the apex toward ground, with resistors at the ends and a ground wire between them. The picture painted by xnec2c was pretty cool: lots of directivity across a broad frequency spectrum. However, there was not much forward gain. Since I would like to use QRP, I wanted something less lossy.

And so I elevated the ends to the same height as the apex. More lobes appeared, but the gain improved by about 6 dB. While I was at it, I removed the resistors. Now I seemed to have a triangular horizontal loop, similar to my skywire at home, but more directional — even on 80m — and capable of some decent NVIS on top band.

This antenna could be supported halfway (or slightly less) up 3 flying lines and made from steel under tension or loose aluminium. Steel would be lossy, but is worth considering for its strength; copper too, I suppose. I don’t know how easy the beam would be to turn, but one shortcut would be to use a different corner as the feedpoint.

00009d73 | 2012-01-28T08:24:43Z

By noticing a crack in a block of wood just now, I saved a spider from being carbonised in the stove. I exposed the crack and broke off the resulting stick (which will make good kindling) and out it scurried. Now it will probably just find another crack, which someone will ignore as he reaches for fuel; but I’m glad I bothered.

This morning’s dreams were a bit weird. Gramps and I were shopping in the veg section of a rather dingy supermarket. I didn’t want to use a basket for some reason, and ended up losing the shopping bags I used instead. My camera was in one of them. Or something.

But one of yesterday’s dreams was cool. A plain little brunette pushed a bike up the steps from the cottage terrace toward the garage. Perhaps she had been down by the stream and possibly in the surrounding fields before that. Inside the back door, the garage was clear and half-refurbished, white and well lit by the sun. Being a dream garage, the layout wasn’t quite as I remember it, and felt like a workshop, an art gallery or a chapel. Perhaps there was some Christian iconography on the wall. The next thing I knew, I was snogging the girl with my arms around her tidy waist. But now she was tall and bronze, in a white, neat, knee-length dress. Perhaps she was a different girl. And then we were outside, getting into her open-top Range Rover or whatever it was. She was apparently quite the rich girl. The vehicle’s interior was also white, and I began to look through her CDs, whose artwork was multi-coloured.

Edit 2015-04-10: Perhaps the upcoming trip to Cardiff was when Gramps and I actually did go to the supermarket together, sent by poorly Gran.

00009d7b | 2012-02-10T07:51:24Z

A Song For The New Age — Vaughan Williams

One of our first runs through — and Ma and Pa’s first listen — to establish whether it would appeal to the average audience.

In spite of my many errors (including a real howler on the fourth note of the melody!), there is real warmth in this run-through, complete with Pa’s and Ma‘s warm reception at the end.

I think Ma and Pa had just returned from the cottage, probably not at the 2012-02-17T02:05:35Z time-stamp previous attributed to this file.

0000aa71.opus | ? 2012-02-17T19:05:35Z ? | music piano, people stella | audio | alt


between shrewsbury and cardiff

0000a759 | ? 2012-03-09T07:30:00Z ?

What is that brick church on the way into Shrewsbury? It looked awesomely gloomy this morning.

‘The Journey’

SSS (ms) & MM (p) present “Life’s Journey”, a selection of music (and song?) from Britain and beyond.

(There are some lovely lambs in these wintry fields.)

Emotion and inspiration from Britain and beyond?

Russia, Spain, France, America.

Tell Stella end of Sleep is like Gerontius.

0000a75a | ? 2012-03-09T07:35:00Z ?


between shrewsbury and cardiff

0000a766 | ? 2012-03-09T10:00:00Z ?

Mother said, ‘go and play with those boys over there.’ I didn’t want to.

0000a75b | ? 2012-03-11T08:00:00Z ?

cq de gb75cc beru

0000a75c | ? 2012-03-11T08:25:00Z ? | radio rx message

Not long after telling Gran and Gramps about Jacques’ death when I arrived the other day, Channel 4 ran a Halloween episode of The Simpsons in which Bart throws himself out of a window. Not exactly what happened to Jacques, but still a bit spooky, especially since Keith and Caroline remind me of Homer and Marge.

0000a75d | ? 2012-03-11T08:45:00Z ?

In my youth, my faith was the big, wide world. Now I see the world from beyond, but I still have faith.

0000a75e | ? 2012-03-11T09:30:00Z ?

‘The Naked Truth’ (inspired by the idea of just me and Stella — no sideshows)

0000a75f | ? 2012-03-14T09:30:00Z ?

heard hg56od on the roberts

0000a760 | ? 2012-03-15T06:30:00Z ? | radio comment


0000a761 | ? 2012-03-15T14:00:00Z ?


00009d96 | 2012-03-18T12:19:28Z | photography g2_time_diff


00009d9e | 2012-04-08T07:58:25Z | photography g2_time_diff

is that k3onw on the roberts?

0000a763 | ? 2012-04-10T03:50:00Z ? | radio comment

Jacques’ memorial service and marquee thing in the garden should be kicking off about now. The weather forecast is pretty shitty for this afternoon. Gramps is going to play the piano.

I wouldn’t usually waste text on yet another cool dream (not that I recall many, but I have certainly written up a few in recent years), but I dreamed of Jacques this morning. I met him on the way out of what seemed more like a community hall than a church. He said something that seemed to make sense at the time, but I cannot fathom it now, nor correctly recall it. It was something about the entrances to the front room not being safe, whatever that might mean. I think I might even have seen evidence of what he was talking about, but it’s gone now.

In any case, Jacques was soon running up a muddy, hilly path between fields. It was wonderful to be there, wherever it was. I felt so free. But it was hard work to keep up with Jacques, as the path approached a summit around a gentle leftward curve through tall hedges.

On the other side of the hill, the path began to slope quite steeply and narrowly toward a river, which was still quite a way off. There were some other people ahead — possibly youngsters — who were doing as we were, laughing as they slid down this very rainy track. Perhaps a road ran alongside on the left, with a few houses beyond. This experience reminds me now of the sort of thing we would do in my first year in the cadets, sliding around in the muddy playing fields or up on Sennybridge training area.

And that’s all I remember.

00009dab | 2012-04-27T11:45:46Z

The robin is very crafty. He has recently been summoning me to put food out by standing atop the empty feeding station and looking in my direction. And then this morning, when I was not there to see him, he flew around the back of the house to my bedroom window to get me.

I did some shopping yesterday afternoon. It was mostly okay, but there were some unfriendly people about, and their number increased as I neared home. But then, just as I began my final turn, an oriental woman with a large red bag slung over her shoulder gave me a very friendly smile. A moment of mercy.

I have been devoting some of my spare time to a solution to that open-wire feeder problem with my kite-portable setup. It has occurred to me that one way to avoid the problem of the feeder coming to ground is to do away with it and construct coax instead. This would mean a matching network at the top of the feeder instead of the bottom, but that might be okay. It could be controlled with a pulley based on one of those little kite reels, with a capacitor on one end of the shaft and a switch on the other. The switch would change between balanced L-match coil tapping points after each full turn of the capacitor. The capacitor and switch could be constructed from PVC sheet using established methods, such as the paper clip connection method, and perhaps thicker acrylic sheets at the hinge. And then the elastic that I had intended to keep the open-wire feeder as high as possible during a sag could do that job for the inverted vee itself, because the coax wouldn’t care.

00009dac | 2012-05-01T15:18:56Z

The robin is still fetching me when he can’t see me downstairs. He and another robin appear to be shuttling food back to a nest somewhere toward the churchyard. Sometimes they go around the back of the house; sometimes the front.

The tits have been enjoying the mealworms, remaining on the edge of the tray while they peck them to bits; and a large baby dunnock has been hopping around, gaping and getting fed, just like a baby robin, though without the funny noise. I threw some seed on the paving just now to help out; they like to feed down there.

Oh, and there was simultaneously a bullfinch on each seed feeder a few days ago; my first time seeing that, I think.

I haven’t seen a nuthatch in a while.

Some big old grey clouds are heaving across from the west but not dropping much rain; there are plenty of sunny gaps, which are spotlighting beautifully the pinkish apple blossom next-door.

I was tuned in to Radio 5 for the end of the Manchester City game yesterday. It looked like it wasn’t going to happen for them, and I was so glad when it did.

I suspect there is more news, but I can’t think of any of it.

00009db0 | 2012-05-14T07:49:17Z

I’ve thought of something. The other day, I saw wires over the Electric Club in St Mark’s Road and looked it up when I got home. It seems that Wolverhampton Amateur Radio Society meets there. I spotted my pic of Bill Moorwood G3CAQ on their website and thought I’d have a go at reprocessing it, since their version looked rather peaky. The version I have sent to their facebook entity seems a little over-saturated now, but it is an improvement: no over-exposure; better sharpness; et cetera.

00009db1 | 2012-05-14T09:53:43Z

Another shopping walk yesterday. Going up the right hand side of Tettenhall Road, I noticed a shaggy beardy guy, shortish, trying to cross the road from the West Park side. Suddenly my mind was transported to Iechyd Da in Llandovery when I was young, where the quiet beardy guy with the bald top and long straight hair would bag up goods for Ma. The place was dry and dark, with a hint of cereals in the air.

I passed the Electric Club again and thought of photographing the wires, but I did not. It was good to be off the main road and walking amidst the wasteland along Alexandra Street toward the Eagle Works. I wonder why I find such devastated landscapes appealing. The industrial view from the Birmingham train has a similar effect.

Later, on my way to Asda, I briefly cut through West Park. As a maintenance van passed me, I got a colossal whiff of luxury cereal, such as we used to eat as kids. This was a rather intriguing sequel to my earlier Iechyd Da reminiscence. I don’t know what might have caused the smell, but it seemed to be full of tropical fruit — banana, coconut and the like.

I must remember to record the dawn chorus. I woke to it a few mornings ago and it was sensational. From my pillow I could appreciate not only the bulk of noise, but also its depth and breadth, as if I were in all of the nearby gardens at once. It might make an excellent stereo recording, in-between the traffic noises at least. Perhaps I will set an alarm for about 03:40Z.

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7.009092 (7.009150)

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de gb60vul

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g0vbc gm 5nn bk

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tnx 5nd ee nn k

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u gb60vul

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HMWGPS Wolverhampton Girls State Prison

I don’t know the story behind this sign outside Wolverhampton Girls’ High School, but hurrah anyway!

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28.502837 (28.503075)

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Salut d’Amour (piano solo)

In concert at St Peter’s Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton, Matthew Munro performs Edward Elgar’s engagement present to Alice. The piano is a Bechstein, on loan from the next-door Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

By the way, Elgar was a Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter. Also, Matthew’s father’s father’s mother used to sing this; I don’t know what words.

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