lightweight feeder

NOTA BENE: Since constructing this, I have done some sums. (Perhaps I should have done them first.) I am not sure of the thickness of the foil, but I have reason to suspect that it is less than 0.075mm. Since 0.075mm x 2.5mm probably has a much higher resistance than the original 1mm diameter wire, I will reconstruct this feeder using that wire instead.

This is a picture of the connection point at the end of my feeder. Furthest from the camera is the bottom layer of 50mm sticky plastic tape. Next is a 70mmx35mm strip of 0.4mm PVC. The two conductors (cut from a roll of aluminium adhesive tape, 2.5mm wide, metal side up) pass over this, and paper clips pass up through the PVC, over the conductors and back down through the PVC, providing secure connection points for crocodile clips. Next, I meant to install a further strip of PVC, but I forgot. And then a second layer of sticky plastic tape holds everything in place.

This same technique is used throughout the feeder to fix breaks in the aluminium tape.

I have not yet tested this feeder in windy conditions; it might require spacers.